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Required Documents
Some people may think these documents are too personal. However, only these documents will ensure the safety of our female members and confirm your identity. Likewise, we require the same documents from our female members. Documents for Our Female Members

Free MembershipMeetJapanLady

Full Membership Documents Required for Enrollment
We require these documents before you start Full Membership.

  • Five to ten of your photos taken within the most recent 6 months - Notice about the photos
  • A copy of your passport photo page
  • Member Agreement Form-01 (Download and Fax or Mail)MeetJapanLady

    Mail to Naoko Matsumoto:
    P.O. Box 10164 Towson, MD 21285-0164 USA

Full Membership Documents Required to Meet Our Female Members
These documents are required when you meet our female members at our Tokyo office or elswhere. These documents are not for us but for our female members. Please show them to our female members at your first meeting. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may cross out any identification numbers, such as social security and passport numbers.

  • A copy of the page from your most recent federal income tax statement which shows your income and marital status.
  • HIV blood test performed within the most recent three months
  • Your current valid passport

Your Privacy is Protected

Your photos, full name, contact information, workplace details or any of your personal information will not be published or be given to any third parties. We do not give out or exchange any members' personal information.

We appreciate your understanding about our requirement for these personal documents.


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