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Since we manage the service through the internet, we believe that meeting in person is a valuable opportunity to have a mutual trusting relationship with our members. We offer a unique and friendly personal service to our members. Once we have created a personal trust with a member as a friend, the introduction process is easier since we will better understand a member's needs. It is like the natural process of friends being introduced to friends. This personal contact with our members increases your chance for a successful match.

In order to create mutual trust and ensure the safety of our female members, we require an informal interview for all men who apply to join our Full Membership. There are two methods for the informal interview:

1) Interview by Skype or telephone:

All men applicants must have a 20 minute interview by Skype or telephone with Naoko, our director. Naoko will call you on Saturday or Sunday at a mutually agreed upon time.

2) Interview at our Tokyo office:

Men living in Japan, especially living in the Tokyo area, must have an interview at our Tokyo office in addition to the 20 minute interview with Naoko. Please contact Miyata to setup an appointment.
See contact us page.

What is Skype? : We recommend that you to get a Skype account.

This IP phone service is getting popular all over the world, especially, Japan and the US.
It is a convenient tool for you to talk with our Japanese female members. And best at all, Skype is free if both you and the receiver have a Skype account.


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