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Your First Meeting in Tokyo
Generally, your first meeting with a lady or several ladies is held in our Tokyo Office. MJL staff makes arrangements and guides you through your first meeting. Our support helps to break the ice for you and her. Also, our ladies feel more comfortable in our secure setting for the first meeting.

When you have found a lady that you like, you will surely want to setup your first meeting with her in Tokyo.

How Many Ladies You Can Meet at One Visit
We recommend that you meet with a maximum of three ladies during your visit to Japan. Some men, who think that more is better, request to meet with many ladies during their stay in Japan. The usual result is disappointment for both these men and our ladies since the men usually don't know what they want and the ladies feel like just another number. However, when men come to Japan to meet with only one lady, the meeting usually is a success.

What You Need at the First Meeting
We require the following documents prior to your first meeting.

  1. A copy of your most recent federal income tax statement.
  2. A copy of your HIV blood test performed within the last three months.
  3. Your current valid passport.

May I Have the First Meeting In My Country?
That is an exception that we only grant in special circumstances. For example, the lady lives outside of Japan, and therefore it is not easy to meet in Japan.


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