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Japanese Women



Japanese Women

Who are MJL's Female Members?Japanese Women

MJL's female members are Purely JAPANESE WOMEN

98% of MJL's female members wee born in Japan. They grew up in JAPAN and were taught traditional Japanese customs. So, they inherited the Japanese custom of loyalty.

Their Purpose of Marriage is Love
Some male members ask, “Do they only want to obtain a green card?”
The answer is “No”.

As you may know, Japan is one of the world's leading economies. There are many jobs in Japan. Japanese women do not have to emigrate to another country to look for a better job. Therefore, Japanese women are only looking for love, and their purpose of marriage is love and companionship.

Intelligence and Strong Career Path
Most of MJL female members' education level is higher than a Bachelors' degree. They have professional jobs. Their education level and their career paths are strong.

Free Membership

Since a Japanese law protecting personal information recently became effective, we treat our members' personal profiles with extra care. With the acceptance of each lady, we place their profiles on our website. However, in order to view their profiles you become a member of MJL. In order to begin the process of becoming a member, please make a reservation for a Free Consultation. During this consultation we will discuss your background, your needs, and how our service can best meet your needs. We look forward to talking with you!
Japanese Women's Photos are available to see when you signup for Free Membership


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