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Sneak Peak, Our New Name will be “Traditional Japanese Matchmaker”

During our search for a new name for our business, we received lots of feedback. We wanted to have a name that better represents our business of being a matchmaker. We have finally chosen a new name. It is, Traditional Japanese Matchmaker.   This new name was named by one of my business consultants, Susan Hughes in Baltimore, and we really like it. Thank you very much Susan! And, thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions!!!   We are now working on updating our website with the new name. Hopefully, our new website will be released very soon!   ...

The Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

Naoko Matsumoto Our Service Tips for Men

The Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

Many people are using online dating services to help in finding love, but also many people are hiring matchmaking services. What is the difference between online dating and matchmaking? If you are not committed to getting married yet, online dating is reasonable. If you are sincerely looking for a marriage partner, hiring a personal matchmaker is a better option. Here are the benefits of hiring a personal matchmaker: A Matchmaker makes life easier for busy businessman like you. Busy businessmen are too busy to go through the whole process of online dating to find a suitable partner. Online dating demands ...

Naoko Matsumoto 松本直子

Tips for Men

#104 Do Not Choose Your Future Wife by Her “APPEARANCE" - If You Want to be Happy, Listen to Your Matchmaker

“I want to meet a beautiful Japanese Woman!”, say most of our male clients. It is only natural that most of our male clients dream of meeting a beautiful Japanese woman as a lifelong partner. One day, I asked one of our male members, “Who is your ideal Japanese woman?” He answered, “She should be like Kumiko Goto.” If you google her name, you will find photos of the beautiful perfect woman, Kumiko Goto.   She is a singer and actress in Japan. She is now over 40 years old, and mom of three children, however, she is still ...

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