My Japanese friend, Y-san’s complaints started again. She getting angry about ESOL now.

Teacher asked to her ( and other students ) about ” What did you do this week ? ” but Y-san said : ” Why I have to talk about my privacy !
( because it’s English practice !! )
Or, theacher asked about her husband. then Y-san said to me : What’s it to her !?
( she just worry about him because he got serious illness ! )
That’s why I don’t know what to say to Y-san ;;;;;; fuuuuuuu,,,,.
She also hate other students.
,,,,, she said she can’t understand what other students saying ( English ) and they can’t understand what Y-san saying. I think it maybe ,,,, second language each other.
She still speak lot’s of Japanese with husband ( he can speak Japanese very well ), and speaking mix ( Japanese and some English ) to M ( other British friend ), she need to speak to other people I guess.
So, I try to speak English to Chinese or other countries people at station or Yoga class, it’s very good for me.
I’m interested to ESOL now. It’s depend on town, but I heard it free after visa coming.


Then my husband said : Wow – it seems Y-san is such a mixed up person. I just wonder what she thinks about us :). Maybe she complaining about us as well.
You know that the teacher is just trying to get them to practise English and finding things for them to talk about. Y-san can just say ordinary things like she went shopping or had a walk.

I think you should just keep trying and mention positive things to her and that people are doing things with good intention. Y-san just seems to be so negative all the time. It must be quite depressing for husband if she like that with him. And I can see why they are having arguments if she like that. And it difficult for you as well, but I hope Y-san can understand that you giving her encouragement and not mean anything hurtful. I think sometimes she can take things the wrong way and I realise not easy for you.

Yes, my husband is very understanding about me, GOOD !

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