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Matchmaking with Japanese Women: How to Get Started

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Matchmaking with Japanese Women: How to Get Started


Once you sign up for our Free Registration, you will receive our weekly updates of our newest Japanese female members. This is also posted on Naoko Matsumoto Matchmaker’s Instagram account. Please visit it here.   These Japanese women we are promoting on Instagram have already been interviewed by one of our matchmakers, and we have confirmed that they truly want to find a lifelong partner. Their purpose is “marriage”, not “dating”.   How Can You Communicate with Them? If You Are a FULL MEMBER: If you are a TJM Full Member and you have your own profile on our ...

Japan Travel Guide


Japan Travel Guide: Uber Exists in Japan!


I apologize for announcing that Uber does not exist in Japan. This was incorrect. Uber does exist in Japan and has made an agreement with Japan’s taxi drivers in order to have a harmonious business relationship. Please read the following article. Uber does exist in Japan! One of our male members who visited Japan for our singles party told me, I used Uber in TOKYO! I tried to see my Uber App, and it worked! Thank you for letting us know about Uber Japan, Mr. R! Uber eats also exists in Japan and it is the same system ...

Japanese Women

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Do You Want to Meet Japanese Women Entrepreneurs? 


Do you want to meet Japanese women who are high maintenance or low maintenance? Perhaps, you would like to meet female entrepreneurs since they are low maintenance. After the Singles Party Event in Shibuya, Tokyo, we hosted a seminar for Japanese women who have an interest in becoming entrepreneurs. Over 60 Single Japanese women attended. 4 of them were recently engaged or married. They were interested in learning how they can live after getting married to a non-Japanese man and relocating outside of Japan. They would like to know what possibilities exist for earning income or starting businesses in other ...

Communication Workshop for Japanese Women

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Communication Workshop for Japanese Women: Event Report


Before the Singles Party on July 6th, 2019, we hosted a Communication Workshop for Japanese Women. This workshop was for single Japanese women who want to marry a man outside of Japan. They are sincerely looking for their future partners. Here were the topics in the Communication Workshop: How to create an attractive personal profile in order to find an ideal future partner. How to dress nicely on the first date. How to find true love. Good communication.   About 30 Japanese women attended this workshop. They are sincere about finding true love and happy marriage.   Couple A and ...

Meet Japanese Woman: Singles Party in TOKYO

Events TOKYO

TJM’s 2019 TOKYO Singles Party with Japanese Women was a BLAST!


TJM’s 2019 TOKYO Singles Party with Japanese women was held on July 6th, 2019.  It was such a FUN event for our members and everyone had a BLAST!! 5 male members attended from California, Pennsylvania, and Florida and 2 male members were from Tokyo and Kanagawa Pref. 15 Japanese female members were mostly from the Tokyo area, but some were from the Kansai area. Also, there were Japanese women who flew from London and Guam. They all had been looking forward to attending our singles party all year in order to meet singles who are seeking a happy marriage, Our ...

Date in Japan with a Japanese Woman

Japan Tips for Men

Enjoy Staying in Japan with Your Japanese Woman!


Our Singles Party Event will be held in a week and some of our male members who will join our event are arriving in Japan this week. Some people may still have fears and feel stressed about visiting Japan because of language and cultural differences. They may believe that Japanese people do not speak English at all. However, let me allay any fears. Japan is very welcoming to visitors and English is widely spoken, especially at tourist facilities. In order to help you enjoy your stay in TOKYO, I would like to give you some tips. We hope they will ...

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OMOTENASHI - The Spirit of Japanese Hospitality That You Can Experience When Dating Japanese Women in Japan


I arrived in Japan last week! As I spent time with my family and friends for a week in Japan, I discovered that I feel comfortable with and even miss OMOTENASHI and Japanese hospitality.   What is OMOTENASHI? It is very hard to describe OMOTENASHI, but you can understand it better after you watch the following three videos. OMOTENASHI in French: by Ms. Christel Takikawa This is the legendary speech that Ms.Christel Takigawa made as she presented to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Buenos Aires in 2013, inviting the IOC to hold the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in ...

Japanese wife and mother in law

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My Mother in Law Passed Away: 7 Things I Learned as a Japanese Wife in the USA  


It was last Wednesday that my mother in law passed away. I tried to support her by staying nights at her house for the last few weeks in order to help her as needed. I tried my best to take care of her as her daughter in law and the Japanese wife of her son. She went so quickly and my husband and I are still feeling deep sorrow at her loss. I would like to share my thoughts and observations of cultural differences that I felt while facing the death of a loved one as a Japanese woman married ...

Japanese working women or housewife

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After Getting Married, Do You Want Your Japanese Wife to Work or Do You Prefer Her to Be a Housewife?


“After getting married, do you want your Japanese wife to work or do you prefer her to be a housewife?”   This is one of the important questions we ask men in their first interview. More than 90% of our male clients who have a western background say “YES! I want her to work.” The reason is that they feel that Japanese women who work in a profession that they are passionate about are more attractive than women who just stay at home as a housewife. They may imply that earning double income helps to maintain their happy married life ...

Reiwa Wedding in Japan

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The Reiwa Era Started: An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony with a Japanese Woman


On May 1st, 2019, a new Emperor in Japan began his reign. On that date, the era name changed from “Heisei” to “Reiwa”. This is important for Japanese people because it is a big historical change.     Last week, one of our member couples wrote to us that they had a wedding ceremony in Japan on May 1st, 2019.  They sent to us some wedding photos. (Our policy is not to share member photos unless we receive approval from the members.)   Congratulations! Omedetou Gozaimasu! This is AMAZING since they are the first successful couple of our members on ...

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