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Japanese wife and mother in law

Tips for Men

My Mother in Law Passed Away: 7 Things I Learned as a Japanese Wife in the USA  


It was last Wednesday that my mother in law passed away. I tried to support her by staying nights at her house for the last few weeks in order to help her as needed. I tried my best to take care of her as her daughter in law and the Japanese wife of her son. She went so quickly and my husband and I are still feeling deep sorrow at her loss. I would like to share my thoughts and observations of cultural differences that I felt while facing the death of a loved one as a Japanese woman married ...

Japanese working women or housewife

Tips for Men

After Getting Married, Do You Want Your Japanese Wife to Work or Do You Prefer Her to Be a Housewife?


“After getting married, do you want your Japanese wife to work or do you prefer her to be a housewife?”   This is one of the important questions we ask men in their first interview. More than 90% of our male clients who have a western background say “YES! I want her to work.” The reason is that they feel that Japanese women who work in a profession that they are passionate about are more attractive than women who just stay at home as a housewife. They may imply that earning double income helps to maintain their happy married life ...

Reiwa Wedding in Japan

Tips for Men

The Reiwa Era Started: An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony with a Japanese Woman


On May 1st, 2019, a new Emperor in Japan began his reign. On that date, the era name changed from “Heisei” to “Reiwa”. This is important for Japanese people because it is a big historical change.     Last week, one of our member couples wrote to us that they had a wedding ceremony in Japan on May 1st, 2019.  They sent to us some wedding photos. (Our policy is not to share member photos unless we receive approval from the members.)   Congratulations! Omedetou Gozaimasu! This is AMAZING since they are the first successful couple of our members on ...

How to Buy Olympic Ticket

Tips for Men

Meet Japanese Women: The Reason You Should Visit Japan This Year!


As everyone knows, the next Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan in the summer of 2020. Online ticket sales started on May 9th, 2019 for people living in Japan. How to purchase the Olympic Tickets  Many travelers will visit Japan to attend the Olympics, so many people will be in Tokyo and the cost of airfare and accommodations will surely increase. We usually host our Singles Event in the summer, however, we are not sure if we are able to host our Singles Party in Tokyo in summer 2020.   If you are thinking about watching the Olympic ...

Getting Married to a Japanese Woman

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How Decisive Members Get Married to Japanese Women in a Short Time with TJM’s Expert Guidance


“We are engaged!” Last week, we received messages from two new, happy couples. During Golden Week, a big holiday in Japan, they had a wonderful time together and they have already decided to marry.   In both cases, they made a  big decision, i.e. “We are engaged!”, within 6 months. You may think it is hard to believe, but it always happens. There was no need to introduce many Japanese women to these men since these men were decisive and ready to marry. In these cases, we introduced to them only a few Japanese women and that was all it ...

Meet Japanese Women

Introductions Japan

Meet a Beautiful Japanese Woman Who is Warm & Honest: F11219


For two years, she lived in New Zealand. She is open-minded; age doesn’t matter. She is 35 y.o. , but she is happy to meet men from 30 y.o. to 60 y.o. She would like to meet a man who is honest. Are you interested in this female member? If you are a TJM Full Member: Please ask a TJM matchmaker about her.   If You are NOT a TJM Member: Please click the following link to signup for a “Free Online Consultation” and a “Free Profile Registration”. You can ask our Matchmakers about her during your Consultation.   ...

Japanese Women

Tips for Men

How to Write Your Profile So That It Attracts Japanese Women


“What are the three most important elements in a partner?” This is one of the questions in TJM’s member profile questionnaire. You may fill it out as below. LOOKS Beauty Slenderness We understand that all of our male members want to meet beautiful Japanese women, so they fill out their desires in their profiles. However, your profile is not the place to write what you want. Your profile is the tool to attract beautiful Japanese women.   When a Japanese woman reads your profile and finds that you say that “her appearance” is the most important element, she may hesitate ...

Matchmaking magic

Success Stories Tips for Men

Matchmaking Magic Happened between a Gentleman and a Japanese Woman Last Week!


Last week, I wrote about the meeting that was arranged in California. We just arranged the first meeting for a gentleman who is a 73 Northern California. The Japanese woman we introduced to him is in her 60’s, but she is so beautiful for her age. We pray for them and wish them a successful meeting in person this weekend! The next day (Monday, April 21st) he gave us the following feedback.   It is a Magic! We are so glad to hear that he felt that the meeting was successful. Both he and she get along and positively ...

Japanese Women

Our Service

Diverse! We Introduce Various Types of Japanese Women Depending on Your Preferences!


We just arranged the first meeting for a gentleman who is a 73 Northern California. The Japanese woman we introduced to him is in her 60’s, but she is so beautiful for her age. We pray for them and wish them a successful meeting in person this weekend! Also, this weekend, there is an online meeting for a male member in NY. He and the Japanese woman we introduced him to are both in their 30’s. Recently, we have been arranging meetings with the ZOOM app, so they can meet wherever they are. In the past month, many of ...

Will You Keep Loving a Japanese Woman Even as She Is Getting Older?

Tips for Men

Will You Keep Loving a Japanese Woman Even as She Is Getting Older?


  This is an example of Japanese pop music that was popular about 30 years ago. The artist’s name is Chisato Moritaka, and the title of this song is “Watashi Ga Obasan ni Nattemo”. She sang this song when she was in her 20’s. At that time, she was single, and this song was a huge hit because many young and single Japanese women’s empathized with it.   “Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo” when translated means “Will you keep loving me even as I am getting older?” In this song, she asks the man she loves some questions. Will you ...

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