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Japanese woman & Thanksgiving

Tips for Men

Happy Thanksgiving from Greeting from Naoko Matsumoto, Matchmaker


We had a Pre Thanksgiving party with single professionals in New Jersey last week. We enjoyed traditional Japanese ”Nabe” cuisine and wine. Singles can feel lonely during the holidays. I believe that it was a nice opportunity for our guests to meet and greet! Here are some photos. Takako san is a wedding planner.  Nabe: Japanese traditional cuisine in winter! It was a nice party. We ate, laughed, and enjoyed! Takako san, thank you!   Thanksgiving Day: I spent time with my family at home. We walked in a forest at a park. It was just another day, but I ...

Understanding Japanese Women

Announcement Tips for Men

Attend TJM’s Online Communication Workshop with Japanese Women on Dec. 6th


We are planning to host an Online Communication Workshop for Single Men and  Japanese Women on Sat. Dec. 6th 10 pm (EST)    Online Communication Workshop Sat. Dec. 6th 22:00 pm to 23:30 (EST) Sat. Dec. 6th 19:00 pm to 20:30 (PST) Sat. Dec. 7th 12:00 pm to 13:30 (JPT) @ZOOM Please download the zoom app. Fee: $10 (Full Member)  $20 (Trial Member who have completed your profile) Starts are limited. Click to Reserve Your Spot Now!   Our discussion will be covering the following topics: 1) How you should present yourself at the first meeting 2) What are ...

Exclusive Thanksgiving Party with Japanese Cuisine and Wine at a Private Location Overlooking the Hudson River!

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Exclusive Thanksgiving Party with Japanese Cuisine and Wine at a Private Location Overlooking the Hudson River!


We are planning to host an Exclusive Japanese Themed Thanksgiving Party in New Jersey.  Exclusive Thanksgiving Party with Japanese Cuisine and Wine at a Private Location Overlooking the Hudson River! Date & Time: Nov. 23rd 2019 Time: 7 to 9 pm Price: $55 Place: We will send you the details after you have applied. What to bring: You and your smile! The maximum of 3 people is acceptable. (Both Member/ non-member) You will need to complete your profile before attending this event. >>>CLick to Apply<<< This is NOT a speed dating event. This event is for anyone who wants to enjoy ...

Traditional Japanese Matchmaker


Hurry to Sign up! Free Profile Registration will End Soon!


We have been offering a Free Profile Registration since we established our matchmaking service. However, starting shortly it will no longer be FREE. The reason Free Profile Registration will end is that we want to focus on gentlemen who really need our service.    Recently, we are pleased to have many registrations from gentlemen all over the world. We really appreciate that many people are interested in getting married to Japanese women. Thank you very much! We would like to take care of them as much as possible, but we do not want to reduce service quality.    As you ...

Beautiful Japanese Woman

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A Young, Beautiful and Tall Japanese Woman Who is Flexible with Age Gap!


Last week, we had a new profile registration from a young, beautiful, and tall Japanese woman who is open to meeting gentlemen who are 20 years older than she is. This is a unique opportunity since Japanese women usually want to meet gentlemen who are close to their age.   She was born in 1991. She is 28 years young this year. Weight and height is 5' 6" / 119lbs. She has long and black hair.    We are currently searching for her candidates. She said she would prefer to meet gentlemen who are taller than she is. Also, financial ...

How to Find Your Perfect Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

How to Find Your Perfect Japanese Woman. Hint: She May Be Right In Front of You!


If you were introduced to more than 10 beautiful Japanese women, but you have not taken any action, you are most likely waiting to meet the perfect Japanese woman. The question is how much longer will you wait for this perfect person?   Are you looking for a Perfect Japanese woman as a lifelong partner? However, if you are still on a journey after a one year voyage, let us advise you as follows.   1.Stop Expecting Perfection. Imagine that you are investing in the stock market. People always regret and say that I wished I would have sold my stocks ...

Traditional Japanese Matchmaker Helps to Make Your Fantasy into Reality

Tips for Men

Traditional Japanese Matchmaker Helps to Make Your Fantasy into Reality


I just came back from NYC. At TJM’s Free Consultation in NYC, I consulted with some single men and women in NYC. Also, I met two of our happy couples who are married and live in NYC. In addition, there were some OMIAI meetings in NYC at this time.    At the consultation, I met two Japanese women who are in their early 30’s and late 40’s. Both of them are career typed women.  Also, I met three men: one is 19 y.o. and the others are in their 50’s.    My understanding is that single men and women in ...

Meet Japanese Women in JAPAN

Tips for Men Travel

Meet Japanese Women in JAPAN: TJM Travel Concierge Hotline Will Come Soon!


Last week, I went to NYC and met Mr. Nakagawa who owns a Japanese travel agency that is called Amnet.   The company’s headquarter office is in NYC, and there are seven branches in the US in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Honolulu, Dallas, and Miami. Also, there are two offices in Japan in Tokyo and Osaka.   I asked Mr. Nakagawa if his company can take care of our male clients who want to travel to Japan. Our male members travel to Japan in order to meet our female members. They purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms ...

Japanese Women’s Sexual Behavior

Tips for Men

Online Workshop: Japanese Women’s Sexual Behavior


Every month, we host online workshops for single Japanese women in order for them to learn about men who have different cultural backgrounds.    Last Friday, Oct 4th, 2019, we invited one of our male members who has deep thoughts about relationships. He said that he started learning about heterosexual relationships after he went through a difficult time with his ex-wife and experienced a divorce.    Before he became a member, he asked us many questions about Japanese women and shared his thoughts during his consultation. It was a great discussion for me and I asked him if he would ...

How to Marry a Japanese Woman who Has a High Career

Tips for Men

How to Marry a Japanese Woman who Has a High Career


Recently, one of our female members, who is a lawyer, renewed her membership. She has been searching for her right person who resides outside of Japan for a long time. However, she has many concerns about marriage. There are her primary concerns. She wants to meet a man who earns more than she earns now. She wants to marry, but she is afraid of losing the job she has now. She wants to get married and have children but thinking about #1 and #2 causes her much anxiety and she is unable to make a decision.  She wants to meet ...

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