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How to marry a Japanese woman fiance visa

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How to Get Married to a Japanese Woman: Fiance Visa


We host an online seminar for our Japanese women by using ZOOM, a video conferencing service ( ).   Our online seminar is helpful for Japanese women who are looking for a lifelong partner internationally. They realize that there are many things that Japanese women need to learn and prepare for.   For example, at our last online seminar for Japanese women, we invited a matchmaker who lives and works in Australia to discuss about the matchmaking possibilities for Japanese women and  Australian men. Japanese women are required by the Australian government to get a fiance or spouse visa in ...

Japanese Women and US Immigration


Japanese Women and US Immigration: Laws May Be More Strict


After we shared tour first report of “We are engaged” in 2018 in our last newsletter, some of our members wrote to us, “Me Too!” One of our couples just got engaged and completed filing her fiancé visa. We are so glad to hear their wonderful news. “Congratulations!”   Recently, the US has created stricter controls for immigrants coming into the US. The new controls also affect Japanese women.   One of our female members who just filed her fiancé visa wrote to us that it may take nearly one year to obtain her fiancé visa. Usually, it takes 6 ...

Hague Convention


Japan to finally be Compliant with Hague Convention on Child Abduction in April 2014


One of my friends in Wisconsin shared this story about his friend, John. John was married to a Japanese woman and they had a child. They appeared to be a happy family. One day, John’s wife traveled to Japan with their child, and they never returned to the US. Most likely, there were issues between John and his wife, but he couldn’t do anything about it since in Japan there was no international regulation such as the Hague Convention at that time. Other similar cases have happened. Many foreign parents feel like his/her children have been kidnapped, but the Japanese ...

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