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Diverse! We Introduce Various Types of Japanese Women Depending on Your Preferences!


We just arranged the first meeting for a gentleman who is a 73 Northern California. The Japanese woman we introduced to him is in her 60’s, but she is so beautiful for her age. We pray for them and wish them a successful meeting in person this weekend! Also, this weekend, there is an online meeting for a male member in NY. He and the Japanese woman we introduced him to are both in their 30’s. Recently, we have been arranging meetings with the ZOOM app, so they can meet wherever they are. In the past month, many of ...

Omiai Meeting with a Japanese Womam

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The Procedure of TJM’s Omiai Meeting: Visiting Japan to Meet with Japanese Women


Here is Traditional Japanese Matchmaker's Omiai Meeting procedure when you visit Japan to meet with our female members. Traditional Japanese Matchmaker's Omiai Meeting procedure Step 1 Discuss your best matches with our matchmaker. Step 2 Start corresponding with 1-3 Japanese women. Step 3 Plan to visit Japan, and let your matchmaker know your travel itinerary. Step 4 Your matchmaker will arrange the meetings, and give you the details of the meetings. Usually we arrange for meetings to take place at the lobbies of major hotels or we reserve a table at a café or restaurant. Step 5 You show up ...

The Name of Meet Japan Lady Will Be Changed

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The Name of Meet Japan Lady Will Be Changed


We decided to change our name, Meet Japan Lady dot com. We have had this name for a long time. We believe that it is time to start with a new name since we want to provide a clearer image of who we are. Many people mistakenly believe that we are an online dating site. Our service is “matchmaking” not dating. Online dating is for people who are using the internet to search for someone by him or herself. Whereas, matchmaking is for people who want a personal matchmaker to assist in choosing his/her marriage partner. These services are totally ...

The Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

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The Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

Many people are using online dating services to help in finding love, but also many people are hiring matchmaking services. What is the difference between online dating and matchmaking? If you are not committed to getting married yet, online dating is reasonable. If you are sincerely looking for a marriage partner, hiring a personal matchmaker is a better option. Here are the benefits of hiring a personal matchmaker: A Matchmaker makes life easier for busy businessman like you. Busy businessmen are too busy to go through the whole process of online dating to find a suitable partner. Online dating demands ...

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