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Matchmaking Magic Happened between a Gentleman and a Japanese Woman Last Week!


Last week, I wrote about the meeting that was arranged in California. We just arranged the first meeting for a gentleman who is a 73 Northern California. The Japanese woman we introduced to him is in her 60’s, but she is so beautiful for her age. We pray for them and wish them a successful meeting in person this weekend! The next day (Monday, April 21st) he gave us the following feedback.   It is a Magic! We are so glad to hear that he felt that the meeting was successful. Both he and she get along and positively ...


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Two More MJL’s Couples Get Married – Our Company Produces Results

Last week, right after we delivered MJL’s newsletter to share about our Wedding Ceremony and Speed Dating Event in San Francisco in November, two of our couple members wrote to us. One, from San Diego, stated, “We Have Just Been Married.” And the other, from Silicon Valley, said, “We Are Going to Get Married in November!”   “Wow! Congratulations to both couples!”   Regarding the couple in San Diego, they were introduced to each other last December. After he visited Japan in order to meet with her for the first time, they made their decision to marry very quickly, and ...

Happy Valentine's Day

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Why Be Alone for Valentine’s Day When You Can Have a Japanese Wife?

2016/02/14    ,

Two days ago, one of our member couples wrote to us with this text, “WE ARE ENGAGED!” and included their happy photo. He is visiting her now, and they are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day together. Seeing their happy smile, makes me feel very happy to have been their matchmaker.   If you are still single since last year’s Valentine’s Day in spite of wanting to find a Japanese woman, it is time to access your goals and your plan of action.   Look for Your Future Japanese Wife in the Right Place: Many people are trying to find a ...

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            On the 10th day in August, We received great news from our clients as follows.   Three of our couple members told us, “We would like to change our relationship status! We are now exclusive!!!” One couple members said, “We are engaged!” One of our female members is working on obtaining a fiancé visa and getting ready to relocate to the US. The other female member is about to leave for the US to start a new life with her fiancé. MJL is so glad to hear that many of our female members are ...

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Steve and Luna


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Naomi and Matthew in Relationship


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