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“We got married!” “We are engaged!” “I proposed!” “We are in a great relationship!” “Everything is fine with us!” Recently, we have been a lot of GREAT NEWS from our male and female members. We are so glad that we could help them in finding their ideal marriage partners. Our success rate for men is extremely high. About 80% of our male members find a match on our website. Mr. A (Maryland, US) and Miss Y (Chiba, Japan) Mr. A went to meet Miss Y in May 2018. He visited her and spent a wonderful time with her in Japan. ...

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We Got Married – Happy Message from a Couple in Georgia


We recently received a happy message from one of our male clients in Georgia. He met a Japanese woman through our matchmaking service, and they were recently married. Naoko, Harumi and I were married in June of this year. I have been meaning to tell you. Add us to the list of successful contacts. We knew each other for four years and finally we were able to get married. We feel we cannot live without each other. Thank you very much! Harumi came to America three years ago to get her B.A. degree in writing. She wanted to be with ...

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Another Couple I Met in San Francisco – Wise Men Choose Entrepreneurial Women

2016/11/28    ,

I met another couple in San Francisco. They met through Traditional Japanese Matchmaker's service. She left Japan for San Francisco in September 2016 with a fiancé visa. They officially got married in California in November 2016. They had planned to get married in 3 months after her arrival to the US. She has started her Green Card application. As you may know the visa process takes a long time for internationally married couples.   Their sweet home is located near Silicon Valley, but they came to see me at the hotel that I was staying at in San Francisco. Thank ...

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