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Tips for Men

Why it is a Mistake to Only Want to Meet Japanese Women Who are Photogenic


Do you want to select a Japanese Woman only by looking at photos of our female members? We have found that more than 90% of our male clients say “YES!” Everyone wants to meet beautiful women, and we understand. But, choosing your female candidates based solely upon how beautiful they appear in their profile photos is a mistake since you do not see their real personalities in their photos. And, we recommend choosing a woman who has a pleasant personality since this is more important to having a successful marriage than beauty.   Not all women are photogenic although they ...

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Tips for Men

An Important Topic that is Better to Discuss with Your Japanese Date at the Beginning of Communication If Your Purpose is Marriage


I came across the “March for Our Lives” at Baltimore City Hall last Saturday. There are many parents and children who are calling out for child safety in schools with no guns. As a mom of a 9 year old, I feel much sorrow for the children’s lives lost. And, I pray for peace of all children who are the victims of the gun shooting in Florida.   I do not want to discuss about political matters in the US, since I am an immigrant and I don’t have a vote in the US. However, as a matchmaker, I would ...

How to fall in love with a Japanese woman

Tips for Men

How to Fall in Love with a Japanese Woman


Many of our male members, due to no real fault of their own, make the mistake of asking the wrong questions and too many questions during the first date with our female members. This may be due to the fact that most people are not trained on how to act during a date or how to fall in love. So, many of our male members don’t know how to treat a Japanese woman and the date is often unsuccessful. We hear from many of our female members about how poorly their dates went. Some women say something like, “He was ...

Meet Japanese Women in Tokyo

Tips for Men

Speed Dating Event in Tokyo on July 7th 2018


We would like to inform that we are hosting our Speed Dating Event in Tokyo. This year, it will be held on July 7th. We hope that many male members can take part from all over the world, especially the US, since July 4 is the national holiday and it’s a summer holiday for many people around the world.   Do you want to celebrate July 4th sitting alone at home watching fireworks on television? Or, would you rather meet many single Japanese women in Tokyo?   We host our speed dating event in Tokyo just once a year. Our ...

What is Miai?

Tips for Men

We Have Started Skype “OMIAI” Meetings for TJM’s Full Members


We have started Omiai meetings on Skype which are exclusively for TJM’s Full Members. These are Skype meetings between our male and female clients. We encourage all of our male members to talk with our female members in person at Omiai Meetings during the early stage of correspondence. There are five big benefits to this. (What is Omiai = O-miai  ? ) You will see her big smile when you talk on Skype. You will more fully understand her personality. You will hear her beautiful voice. You will gain an understanding of her English skills. You will notice her attractive ...

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Tips for Men

The Unexpected Thing That Japanese Women Notice on Your First Date


We receive feedback from both our male and female clients after their first meeting. When a woman declines a man, there are some reasons. It is not always regarding him, but it is because of something unexpected. We would like to share with you what many Japanese women pay attention to on your first date.   In the feedback form, Japanese women write about the behavior of their dates. Many of them will watch to see how he treats the waiter or waitress at the café. If he shows a terrible attitude toward the waiter or waitress at the café, ...

Happy Valentine’s Day with Your Japanese Girlfriend

Tips for Men

Happy Valentine’s Day with Your Japanese Girlfriend


Happy Valentine's Day! You may not know that in Japan Valentine’s Day is the day that women give men a gift. The gift is generally chocolate. It is not always a romantic custom, but a kind of obligation at the workplace. Women give their bosses and male colleagues chocolate as a gift. For Japanese women Valentines’ day is not that happy. They don’t expect to receive flowers from men.   If you have a Japanese girlfriend with whom you have been corresponding with for a while, it would be nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. She will be surprised and ...

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Tips for Men

Things You Can Help Her to Improve Her English Skill


I talked with one of our male clients who is creating a great relationship with one of our female members. He traveled to Japan for several meetings with Japanese women last year, and then he decided to communicate with one woman in order to know her more. His status is IN RELATIONSHIP so he told us that he doesn’t need any more introductions. Wow! That was quick.   “You have changed my life!” I am happy and proud of myself when I hear these words. Thank you very much!   He asked how he can help her to improve her ...

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Tips for Men

The First “Congratulations!” in 2018 – The Links of Happiness


We just received a message from one of our male members, “We are engaged!” This is the first “Congratulations!” in 2018, and we are so happy to hear that! He became our member 6 month ago. He was introduced to our company from one of our former members who got married a few years ago. We really appreciate referrals from happy couples since we believe that happy people are in a happy community and the links of happiness will last forever. If you know of professional singles around you, would you please let them know about our service?!   The ...

How to Choose the Ideal Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

How to Choose the Ideal Japanese Woman


We offer two different ways for us to introduce your first three candidates: We select candidates for our clients. The clients select candidates by themselves. Many of our male members want to select their candidates by themselves. Most likely many people are used to doing so from playing on online dating sites. We understand that men want to be in control and make their own decisions. However, if you are divorced it would be better to let your personal matchmaker select candidates for you. You will not want to make the same mistakes again, and your matchmaker is happy to ...

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