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Marry a Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

2018 Singles Event in Japan Was A Great Success!


  TJM’s 2018 annual events in Tokyo were all completed last weekend. In total, there were more than 120 attendees at all three events (including two seminars for single Japanese women) in two days. Attendees were from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan, Korea, the east and west coasts of the US, and even from a European country. We appreciate all of the single men and Japanese women who attended our events. They really want to meet the right person. Thank you very much!!! Here are some photos from our 2018 events in TOKYO! Regarding our Singles event, 12 men ...

marry a Japanese woman

Events Tips for Men TOKYO

What’s The Best Date for the Next Singles Event in Japan in 2019?

We just closed the event attendee list for the Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2018, and we are preparing for this event that is happening next weekend. At this event we will host 3 separate events in 2 days, including a singles party and 2 special seminars for Japanese women. There will be over 120 people joining our event and seminars this year. Regarding the singles party, 13 male members and 24 female members, a total of 37 male and female members will join us. Most of the male members who are attending are coming from outside ...

Japanese wife visiting Japan

Tips for Men

Do You Accept Your Japanese Wife Visiting Japan at Least Once a Year?


Summer vacation time is coming! Did you know many Japanese wives visit Japan during the summer vacation time with their children? It’s a huge exodus! I understand that some husbands worry that their Japanese wives will not come back to them and they don’t accept their wives visiting Japan every year. However, if you and your wife trust each other, you can discuss it with her and come to a mutual agreement. There are both advantages and disadvantages of visiting Japan each year, so let’s see….. Advantages: Japanese public schools accept your children as a student in their classes during ...

Books Tips for Men

The 100 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Married


Getting married is one of life’s biggest changes. Even though you have found a nice Japanese woman and you and she are getting along, you may still be unsure if she is the right person to marry. Some people say that taking more time to learn about each other may help. The question is how long you need to understand her or when is the right time to ask her, “Will you marry me?” I would like to recommend this book, The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” by Susan Piver. This book is ...

Japanese women look VERY young even when they are over 50 years old. I think I am an example of how Japanese women stay younger.

Tips for Men

Japanese Women Look VERY Young


I had my 50th birthday in NYC last weekend. When I was a child, there was a magazine for teenagers, called “Seventeen”, and I felt that becoming 17 years old sounded so adult. Without realizing my age, I have been living for half a century and I still feel like I am a teenager. And, I still lead an active lifestyle and I like to try new things. Also, I appreciate that my husband always supports me in what I am doing.   Recently, we had younger and younger Japanese women who want to become our members. Some of them ...

Meet More Than 20 Marriage Minded Japanese Women at Our Event

Tips for Men

Meet More Than 20 Marriage Minded Japanese Women at Our Event - It Is You Who Make Miracles Happen!


We received a phone call from a gentleman in Los Angeles at the end of April. He said that he and his cousin would travel to Japan, and asked if there are nice Japanese women for his cousin. We said “YES! Of course! ” After talking with him on the phone, the cousin signed up for our membership and we selected some of our nice Japanese female members who might be a match for him. They visited Japan in early May and stayed in central Tokyo for several days. We arranged five meetings with our nice Japanese female members for ...

Where Are Marriage Minded Japanese Women?

Events Tips for Men TOKYO

Where Are Marriage Minded Japanese Women?


In Japan, many marriage minded Japanese women are taking time off during one of the biggest holidays in Japan called Golden Week. It begins at the end of April and lasts until the middle of May. It’s an exodus; many people take a week or longer off and travel all over the world. Some of our female members travel to Los Angeles and San Francisco in order to meet gentlemen in California. We have an Omiai Meeting Tour Program for our female members when they visit California. During their holiday, we arrange 5 to 8 meetings for each female member ...

Marry a Japanese Woman in Tokyo

Tips for Men

10 Things That Will Make You Feel More Comfortable When You Visit Japan


Traditional Japanese Matchmaker has decided that in order to provide for a safe and successful matchmaking service, we require all male members to visit Japan for the first meeting. This is a unique rule and it helps ensure that our Japanese female members feel comfortable. Some of our male members who have never visited Japan may not feel confident traveling to Japan since they believe that Japanese people do not speak English. Japanese people may not speak English when you ask questions on the street for various reasons: They are very shy, they are not used to being asked in ...

Marry a Japanese Woman in NY

Tips for Men

Meet The Matchmaker in New York City and New Jersey


We are offering a Free Consultation in New York City on April 28th and 29th. Meet a Matchmaker and discuss with her who are your best matches. Free Consultation in New York City on April 28th and 29th in 2018  Sun April 28th 12:00-12:45 13:00-13:45 14:00-14:45 Sat April 29th 15:00-15:45 16:00-16:45 17:00-17:45 Place: At Midtown We will let you know the details after you have made the reservation. If you would prefer the consultation in New Jersey, please contact us.       If your objective is “marriage”, we highly recommend for you to meet the matchmaker in New ...

Japanese Women Photos

Tips for Men

Why it is a Mistake to Only Want to Meet Japanese Women Who are Photogenic


Do you want to select a Japanese Woman only by looking at photos of our female members? We have found that more than 90% of our male clients say “YES!” Everyone wants to meet beautiful women, and we understand. But, choosing your female candidates based solely upon how beautiful they appear in their profile photos is a mistake since you do not see their real personalities in their photos. And, we recommend choosing a woman who has a pleasant personality since this is more important to having a successful marriage than beauty.   Not all women are photogenic although they ...

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