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Marry a Japanese Womann: We Are Engaged!

Congratulations! Tips for Men

We Are Engaged! The Happiest Man and Japanese Woman Came to See Me in San Francisco: He Says


On October 6th 2018, right before the Singles Wine Party in San Francisco began, one of our member couples visited me at a hotel in downtown San Francisco. They had just been engaged. He lives near San Francisco, and she visited him and they came to see me to say “Hello!” because they knew that I was visiting San Francisco to host our Singles Party. I had met her in Tokyo last July, but it was the first time that I had met him. However, I felt like I had known him for a long time since I had been ...

Japanese Women: Whay she is still sintle

Tips for Men

Why She is Still Single


“Why are you still single?” At their first meeting, some men may ask her this question. It may be hard for you to believe it when you meet a beautiful woman who is in her mid 30’s and has never been married. You may wonder what has she been doing or why no gentlemen has been interested in her. We understand that you ask the question: “Why are you still single?” to her in a positive way. However, for her this question may be a super tough question and it may hurt her feelings. Here are some of the obvious ...

Why He is Still Single

Tips for Men

Why He is Still Single


I am currently in Japan. There was an opportunity to participate in a big business meeting in TOKYO. There were over 200 Japanese business women in the meeting room. It was HOT! I was interested in one of the guest speakers, Mr. A, who is an internet marketer. He is especially good at Facebook marketing, and he teaches how to get 300 new potential clients every month by using Facebook with no cost. Mr. A used to work as a computer engineer in a big company in Japan. He had 500 co-workers in his company, and most of them were ...

The Secret of The Most Effective Way to Marry a Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

The Secret of The Most Effective Way to Marry a Japanese Woman


  Do you want to meet many Japanese women at one speed dating event or meet a few nice Japanese women individually? Some male clients may think that we are event planners since we have hosted speed dating events in Tokyo, Singapore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. We are NOT event planners. Rather, we are matchmakers. Our mission is to help you in finding your beautiful Japanese wife. Planning parties is really for our full members and we understand that everyone loves joining singles parties. We believe that attending parties brings you more opportunities to meet Japanese women, ...

Singles Party in San Francisco

Events San Francisco Tips for Men

Prompt Report with Photos of Exclusive Singles Party in San Francisco


  It was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco. Our singles event was held on the evening of Oct 6th. Half of the Japanese women in attendance were from Tokyo, one was from Kansai, and the others were from the local area of San Francisco. The men were mostly from the local area, the others were from New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The event venue was a stylish wine lounge at a cutting edge location in downtown San Francisco. 14 single men and 14 single women attended. It was a good number of people that allowed for ...

Do you want to marry a Japanese Woman

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To Gentlemen Who Want to Marry a Japanese Woman


“We got married!” “We are engaged!” “I proposed!” “We are in a great relationship!” “Everything is fine with us!” Recently, we have been a lot of GREAT NEWS from our male and female members. We are so glad that we could help them in finding their ideal marriage partners. Our success rate for men is extremely high. About 80% of our male members find a match on our website. Mr. A (Maryland, US) and Miss Y (Chiba, Japan) Mr. A went to meet Miss Y in May 2018. He visited her and spent a wonderful time with her in Japan. ...

Marry a Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

What Age Range of Japanese Women Are You Looking for as a Lifelong Partner?


We have a diverse age range of Japanese women in our membership. Our female members’ ages range from 21 to 65 years young. We understand men tend to want to meet younger women. At the same time, Japanese women want to meet younger men. If your ideal wife’s age is more than 12 years younger than you, it might be challenging for you since the age gap may be too big. However, it will be much easier for you to meet compatible Japanese women when you choose to meet women around your age. Today, we would like to introduce Miss ...

Matchmaking Japan High Success Rate

Tips for Men

Why We Have a High Success Rate


Often, we receive long emailed letters from our female members. They write about their relationships with gentlemen they are currently corresponding with. Sometimes, they write letters that are over 3 pages in length. The letters are usually about either having great relationships or facing difficulties in their relationships. We appreciate that they share in detail what is going on with their male partners since doing so helps us as matchmakers to better understand how they feel and how to meet their needs. After reading letters from our female members, we sincerely reply with encouragement, tips, and certain advice, since we ...

What is The Best Way To Meet Japanese Women?

Events Tips for Men

What is The Best Way to Meet Japanese Women: Speed Dating, Small Intimate Meetup, or Individual Meeting?


In order to meet Japanese women, there are some different ways we recommend: Speed Dating, Small Intimate Meetup, or Individual meeting. Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages.   Speed Dating: If you want to meet as many women at one time, joining a speed dating event is the best way. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to meet different Japanese women. However, it is not easy to learn about one person deeply since only very short times are allowed with each person. Besides, if you are an introverted type, it may be hard to ...

Tips for Men

How We Help Prevent Religious Conflicts with Japanese Women


The “OBON Holiday” is currently taking place in Japan this week. Like the “Thanksgiving” holiday in the US, the “OBON Holiday” is one of the largest holidays in Japan. Japanese people usually take several days off from work and go visit their parents or go on vacation. What is “OBON”? It is a Buddhist event that believes that souls of our ancestors come to say hello to us from the heaven during OBON week (Aug 13-16). This concept may be hard for westerners to understand if they are not followers of Buddhism. However, most Japanese people believe in “REINCARNATION” ...

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