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Tips for Men

Why We Love? Why Him? Why Her? – Dr. Helen E. Fisher is a successful American anthropologist and human behavior researcher.

2014/05/06    , ,

We had a great chance to hear a lecture given by Dr. Helen Fisher, a successful American anthropologist and human behavior researcher.                                                   For your reference, here is Dr. Helen Fisher’s TED TALK which explains what she has discovered about “LOVE”  Helen Fisher: The Brain in Love Helen Fisher: Why We Love, Why We Cheat Here she explains love, “Around the world, people love.They sing for love, they dance for love,they compose poems and ...

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Tips for Men

Announcement: Event in NY in September

                MJL is planning to have an event for meeting Japanese women in NY in September.   Nothing has been finalized yet. We would like to get your feedback as to whether you are interested in attending and when is the best day for you. Please click to vote if you would like to join us if the event is on the weekend of Sep 13-14th       Please click to vote if you would like to join us if the event is on the weekend of Sep 20-21st.   ...

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Tips for Men

Learning from The Movie “The Wind Rises”; Beauty is Important, But There Is Something More When You Choose a Lifelong Partner

Have you seen the Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animation movie, “The Wind Rises”?It is one of the greatest movies of Hayao Miyazaki. Kazatachinu(Wind Rises) My husband and I went to the Charles Theatre in Baltimore one Friday night for our date night. It was impressive and beautiful, but it was not really a romantic movie suitable for a date night since some of the plot takes place during World War II.   However, the story also tells about the love between Jiro and Nahoko although it might not be called exactly “love”. Jiro dreamt about creating the most beautiful airplane in ...

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Tips for Men

New MJL Service: One and Three Skype Meeting Started in April 2014

2014/04/05    ,

We started a new service called “One and Three Skype Meeting” in April 2014.   What is One and Three Skype Meeting? This service is for MJL’s Full Members only. We choose three women who are your best matches for you based on your profile, and set up a Skype meeting. Using Skype conference call, you and your three matches will be able to talk together in one conference call. One of MJL’s staff members will attend the Skype meeting, so there are 5 people in total in the call. Everyone will introduce themselves to start the discussion where you ...

Etsuko Tsukagoshi

Tips for Men

When International Couples Need a Help, We Highly Recommend for You to Talk with Etsuko Tsukagoshi


In order to create a happy family, many married couples usually go to see a marriage counselor / marriage coach when they face issues.  It is one of the greatest ways to solve their problems between husband and wife. However, generally speaking, it is not easy for a Japanese woman to talk with a typical marriage counselor since it is hard for a Japanese woman to explain her feelings and situations in English and it is not easy for a typical marriage counselor to understand a Japanese woman’s thoughts.   Therefore, many international couples decided to divorce or just go back ...

Japanese Matchmaker Naoko Matsumoto

Tips for Men

Opportunity to Meet with Naoko Matsumoto in NYC, NJ, Baltimore, Silicon Valley, Singapore, and TOKYO!

Naoko is now traveling to NYC once a month to meet with potential clients. This is my new project in 2014. I would like to meet many single professionals and Japanese women in NYC to help them in finding their lifelong partners. Fortunately, it takes about 3 hours to travel to NYC and I already started my visits in January.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel February’s trip because of a snow storm. However, I will return in March. I already have some appointments on March 9th. I am going to NYC on the second Sunday of every month, so if ...

Naoko Matsumoto Marriage Coach Japan

Tips for Men

Japanese Women are Afraid of Free Online Dating, and They are Looking for Safer Sites

Many of our new Japanese female members have visited our office stating how they became very frightened about online dating after hearing about this news story. Have you heard about the murder of a Japanese woman in San Diego? Her dead body was found in a desert outside San Diego, and her husband was investigated as a suspect. Please watch the video of the news report:   They met through a free dating website. According to the news report, he was still a member of a free dating website after his wife’s death. I do not want to alarm ...

Matchmaking Japan

Tips for Men

Help Her Visualize Your Future ♥ Together

Our male members often ask us, “How can I get to be in an exclusive relationship with her?” In most cases their conversations are not that interesting for her, especially when a male member communicates only his desires and wants and does not truly give of himself and ask what she desires and wants. Men often appear selfish in this way. Some of our female members say, “All he talks about is food and he does not include me in his conversation.” She said their conversation went like this, he said that he knows many popular restaurants in Tokyo, and ...

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Tips for Men

“The toilet paper is running out faster after you came to my house.” - He said.

One of our female members visited a man in Los Angeles who was introduced to her by a friend of hers. He is NOT one of our male members. After staying at his house for a few days, she was told by him, “The toilet paper is running out faster after you came to my house.” “Besides,” he continued, “There is the Washlet (TOTO), so you do not need to use much toilet paper.” And he continued to lecture her. She didn’t like him to complain. And, she understood that it is more important for him that she lives frugally ...

Tips for Men

Would You Really Like to Get Married or Are You Looking for Just a Girlfriend?

This is an important message to men who have been communicating with one woman for three months or longer. We highly recommend that you meet her in Japan. It really helps you and her to get to know each other more completely, and it will help you both to decide if you want to take your relationship to the next level with either a commitment or a decline. A decline would allow you to start with a new candidate. Some male members take time to make this kind of decision, and it is rather common for men to hold onto ...

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