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Are you looking for a perfect Japanese woman

Tips for Men

Are You Looking for a Perfect Japanese Woman?


“How soon would you like to marry a Japanese woman. Tomorrow? Within 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years?” I often ask this question to our new male members. It may seem like I am joking, but my question plays an important role. I would like to confirm how much energy and focus you can pour into your life project. By asking this question it helps me to confirm how committed and focused you are with this goal of marriage before you start your journey with us.   You may say that how soon you want to marry ...

Meet Japanese women in NYC

Tips for Men

Meet Naoko Matsumoto, TJM’s Matchmaker, in New York City


I am going to go to NYC every month. I am here in NYC this weekend,  March 9th and 10th. I am so excited to meet single professionals in NYC. Actually, people come from far away just to meet me in NYC. This weekend, one man is flying in from Toronto, Canada and another man is coming from Miami, Florida. You may not believe it but sometimes Japanese women travel from Japan to visit NYC in order to meet Naoko, TJM’s matchmaker, and discuss about their ideal future spouses.   You may know that TJM’s Free Consultation is not only ...

Marry a Japanese Woman: What Are You Waiting for?

Tips for Men

Marry a Japanese Woman: What Are You Waiting for?


“Just ask her, “Will you marry me!”” Before the Japanese woman he was corresponding with visited him during the New Year holiday, me and Mr. A had a strategy session to discuss the issues he and she had. Their relationship was great. Both of them were thinking of each other and were committed to their relationship. He went to Japan to see her two times and she came to the US to see him two times during the past year. However, he was concerned that she hadn’t committed to getting married to him even though he had a strong desire ...

Naomi Osaka Japanese

Tips for Men

Naomi Osaka Won! Naomi’s Japanese Mom Won Against Her Dream killer!


As you may have seen, Naomi Osaka won the 2019 Australian Open and she is now the world’s top female tennis player. Japanese people were all excited to hear the news!! This is great news because she is the first Japanese and Asian tennis player to achieve the number one ranking.   Naomi is Japanese, but her father is American who is originally from Haiti, so she is Japanese American or American Japanese. She has dual citizenship, and she is going to decide to be Japanese or American before her birthday this year since Japanese government does not accept a ...

Japanese Women Valentine's Day and White Day

Tips for Men

How to Send a Valentine's Day Gift to Your Japanese Woman


I Need Some HELP! Would you have a recommendation for a florist to use to send her flowers on Valentine’s Day? We received a message from one of our male members. YES! we are happy to help! Here are some online florists where you may place an order and have flowers delivered in Japan.   KADAN: One of our male members recommended this website. He sent flowers with this site to the Japanese woman whom he is corresponding with. Aoyama Flower Market:   When you google, “send gifts to japan” you will see many search results, and it is ...

How to marry a Japanese woman fiance visa

Laws Tips for Men

How to Get Married to a Japanese Woman: Fiance Visa


We host an online seminar for our Japanese women by using ZOOM, a video conferencing service ( ).   Our online seminar is helpful for Japanese women who are looking for a lifelong partner internationally. They realize that there are many things that Japanese women need to learn and prepare for.   For example, at our last online seminar for Japanese women, we invited a matchmaker who lives and works in Australia to discuss about the matchmaking possibilities for Japanese women and  Australian men. Japanese women are required by the Australian government to get a fiance or spouse visa in ...

marry a Japanese woman

Tips for Men

How to Be a Good Listener to a Japanese Woman


How to Be a Good Listener to a Japanese Woman We often receive feedback like this. “He was so kind and sincere.” “ He treated me in a very special way.” “I have never met a gentleman like him before”   Sounds great! However, she still decides to decline.   She said,   “I don’t have a bad impression of him, BUT I do not feel that he is interested in me. During our date he was quiet  and seemed to be a good listener, but I felt like I was doing most of the talking since he didn’t say ...

How to Find Your Ideal Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

How to Find Your Ideal Japanese Woman


Thanks and I appreciate all you are doing for me. It feels more like you are introducing me to your friends which I prefer. - R.M. ( New York ) We received this message from one of our male members in NYC. Yes! We are more like your friend than just a matchmaking agent. The more that we are able to communicate with you, the more we will learn about what is important to you when searching for your ideal Japanese woman and the better we can assist you.   Sometimes, some people say that they are not clear how ...

Do You Really Want to Meet Japanese Women in 2019

Tips for Men

Do You Really Want to Meet Japanese Women in 2019?


Happy New Year! We wish you a wonderful 2019! Have you already stated your 2019 New Year’s Resolution? As a Matchmaker, this is one of my biggest 2019 New Year’s Resolutions: The Success of the Singles Party in Tokyo on July 6th 2019! We have already reserved the event venue in Tokyo although the date of the event is more than 6 months ahead. At this time, the event venue is a peaceful and gorgeous wine bar. We are excited to plan this party where we will invite about 20 Japanese women. Usually, more Japanese women than men attend the ...

The Gifts for Japanese Woman

Tips for Men

The 3 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Japanese Woman to Make Her Feel Happy


Happy Holidays! As you may know, Japanese women are NOT very religious, rather they are open minded. Japanese people celebrate Christmas and children believe that Santa Claus is coming and giving them Christmas presents. Giving gifts during the Christmas holiday is becoming more a part of Japanese culture as it has been in many western countries. If you are corresponding with a Japanese woman now it would be nice to select a special gift for her in order to celebrate the holidays together. What is the best gift for Japanese women? Good question. As we live in the age of ...

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