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Japanese Women with Higher DegreeSome of our male members would prefer to meet Japanese women who have masters or higher degrees. This may be because in the US, people who have higher degrees can find better paying jobs. However, it is not exactly the same in Japan. In Japanese society, men and women are still not equal and companies do not expect women to perform the same tasks as men do. Companies tend to hire women who do not have higher degrees to perform basic tasks in order to lower their employees’ costs. Therefore Japanese women tend not to get masters or other higher degrees unless they would like to study specific subjects. They know higher degrees will not help their careers very much. So, many Japanese women give up achieving a higher degree and decide to not finish college. Instead, they start looking for a job at least 1 year before graduating from a university. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for women in Japan. Many women who want to study more or who want to seek more career opportunities often leave Japan since there are not many job opportunities for them in Japan.

In general, the educational level in Japan is higher than the world average. If you live in Japan, you will see how hard the Japanese children study. Most junior high school students attend tutoring classes at night after attending daytime school. And, they study until ten o’clock at night almost every day. You may think this sounds crazy, but this is normal in Japan.

So, for our male members who want to meet Japanese women who have achieved a high education level, this is surely an option. However, we want to reassure you that most women in Japan are highly educated in general since Japan has one of the most highly educated populations in the world.


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Naoko Matsumoto is a certified personal matchmaker, founder and CEO of Traditional Japanese Matchmaker ( : the first international matchmaking company in Japan specializing in Japanese women. Naoko established TJM, a matchmaking company, in Minami Aoyama Tokyo in 1999. She has over 20 years experience in the matchmaking industry and in relationship coaching. TJM assists gentlemen all over the world and Japanese women in finding their right partners. TJM's mission is to connect happy men and women in order to create a global circle of happiness.


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