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Learning from The Movie “The Wind Rises”; Beauty is Important, But There Is Something More When You Choose a Lifelong Partner


Have you seen the Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animation movie, “The Wind Rises”?It is one of the greatest movies of Hayao Miyazaki.

Kazatachinu(Wind Rises)

Charles Theater in Baltimore

Charles Theater in Baltimore

My husband and I went to the Charles Theatre in Baltimore one Friday night for our date night. It was impressive and beautiful, but it was not really a romantic movie suitable for a date night since some of the plot takes place during World War II.


However, the story also tells about the love between Jiro and Nahoko although it might not be called exactly “love”. Jiro dreamt about creating the most beautiful airplane in the world. His whole life was dedicated toward fulfilling his dream. Therefore, whenever he praises Nahoko, he always says “You are beautiful.” That’s all. He never expresses his love, inner feelings or emotions for her. Jiro may just want her to be with him as an object of beauty, like a trophy wife.


When Jiro and Nahoko exchange messages, he always talks about how beautiful his airplane designs are and his great accomplishments. He is always talking about himself, but doesn’t appear to pay much attention to Nahoko. Nahoko just listens to what he says without complaining, and displays the traits of a traditional Japanese woman. She is very passive and patient. If she was a Western woman, she might say, “Which is more important ME or AIRPLANES?”



I read an article about The Review of Kazetachinu – The Wind Rises written by Mr. Toshio Okada who called himself “Anime Otaku” (anime geek) and popular media producer in Japan. He mentioned that there are some scenes in which Jiro is following beautiful girls with his eyes whenever he sees girls. If you are able to watch this movie again, I invite you to confirm those scenes. They are very detailed and they are a part of Hayao Miyazaki’s skillful and dexterous expression.


Mr. Okada also mentioned that toward the end of this movie, Nahoko decides to leave Jiro when she realizes that she will no longer be able to keep herself beautiful since her tuberculosis disease is worsening. Nahoko is scared to lose her youth and beauty because she recognizes that Jiro is only interested in beauty. So, she chooses to die alone in a sanatorium which is located in a mountain area far from her husband. She may want him to remember only the memory of a young and beautiful Nahoko.


Nahoko represents a typical and traditional Japanese woman, and I think it is hard for western people to understand how she behaves when she realizes that she is dying. Perhaps, if she is a western woman, everyone believes that she deserves to tell her husband outloud, “BE WITH ME!!!” Yet, she never shows her emotion, but prays for her husband’s success as an airplane engineer, and chooses not to bother him by choosing to die alone. This shows the Beauty of a Traditional Japanese Woman and it is also the philosophy of the beauty that Hayao Miyazaki wants to show to the world.

The Wind Rises is a beautiful story. But Jiro Horikoshi’s love toward Nahoko is cruel from a woman’s point of view. – This is my point!

As a matchmaker, I understand that when choosing a lifelong partner, physical beauty might be the most important consideration for many of our male members. However, everyone ages and beauty will not necessarily last forever. This raises the question, Can you keep loving each other as you both age? Or, do you think you can just find a new partner when she gets too old or loses her beauty?


Physical beauty is one of the most important elements when you choose your partner. However, we highly recommend that you also highly consider her inner mind and emotions so that you can be sure that you are truly compatible with her. If you equally consider beauty and mind, you will find a suitable wife and together your happiness will last forever.


Wind Rises

Kazatachinu(Wind Rises)

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