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Speed Dating with Japanese Women & BBQ Party in NYC/NJ on Sep 13th & 14th in 2014


We would like to announce one of MJL’s biggest events in 2014 taking place in NYC.

Our male clients live around the world, and perhaps some of your male friends who live near NYC will be interested in meeting single Japanese women. So, would you please let them know about MJL’s events? We thank you!

Or, if you are unable to attend MJL’s events this year, but you are thinking about joining our events next year, it might be great for you to learn about MJL’s events this year to help you prepare for next year.

And, if you live on the West coast, meeting Japanese women in NY is much easier than meeting Japanese women in Japan since NY is much closer than Japan. So, it is a great opportunity for MJL’s male members in California to join our NY events!

If you are NOT interested in our events, please disregard.

Here are the details and application form for MJL’s Special Events on Sept 13 and 14, 2014.

Here is the outline of our events:

Speed Dating Event:
Sept. 13th in NYC.
Time: 6-9pm

BBQ Party:
Sept. 14th in NJ
Time: 3-6pm

Events may change if there is inclement weather, so please read the final confirmation email that will be sent to you around Sept. 10th for any updates.

You can join both Sept. 13th and 14th‘s events, or you can choose one of those events.

【What is Speed Dating?】
If you are not familiar with Speed Dating, here is a helpful article. This article is about MJL’s Speed Dating Event held in Singapore in Dec 2013.

At the Speed Dating Event, food is NOT included.

You will need to keep talking with Japanese women like a machine gun for more than an hour. So you don’t have time to eat. Actually, you will feel that time flies during the speed dating event.

So, we highly recommend that you eat dinner well before the speed dating event starts.

It is best to be well rested and well fed since this event requires energy and stamina to complete.

【BBQ Party in NJ on Sept. 14th】
The event location is TBD. However, the event will be held in the Jersey City or Edge Water area which is a quick trip from Manhattan.

If you have any suggestions of venues for the BBQ Party, please let us know!

The details of BBQ Party may change in case of inclement weather since this event takes place outside. In case of rain, we will have an indoor potluck party instead. We will send you the final confirmation email around Sept. 10th. Please check your email. (Please check your spam mail box just in case.)

The purpose of MJL’s BBQ Party is NOT to get a full stomach. Rather, it is an opportunity to meet and get to know some Japanese women in a casual atmosphere.

Most of all, we hope that you enjoy talking to everyone and have fun at the party!

Also, please find Naoko and Luna and introduce yourself! We are the ones who interview our female members on Skype. If we meet with you in person, and get to better understand your needs, it will be easier for us to introduce a wonderful woman to you.

In addition to MJL’s NY event, we host a couple of events a year. We will have an event in TOKYO in July, and about 15-20 female members will attend.

Also, we are thinking about having regular events in Singapore and Los Angeles. If we have the opportunity to meet with you in person at one of our events, we can better understand you and your needs which will give you better results. This means that the relationship between you and your matchmaker is also very important. The better we understand you, the more we can help you to find your ideal partner. Expecting a quick result is not realistic and will not lead to a beneficial relationship in the long term.

A harmonious relationship with your matchmaker is your key to success!
Here are the details and application form for MJL’s Special Events on Sept 13 and 14, 2014.

I am looking forward to meeting with you very soon!

Naoko Matsumoto: CEO of MJL and certified Personal Matchmaker

Save Money by bringing your friend to MJL’s events!!!

【Save Money! Introduce Your Friend and Get a $10 Discount!】
If you have friends who are single professionals and interested in Japanese women please invite them to MJL’s NY events and you will receive a $10 discount.
We will send you $10 after the event if the participants fill out your Full Name as referring them to the events at the top of their application form.

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Naoko Mastumoto

Founder and Personal Matchmaker at Traditional Japanese Matchmaker
Naoko Matsumoto is a certified personal matchmaker, founder and CEO of Traditional Japanese Matchmaker ( : the first international matchmaking company in Japan specializing in Japanese women. Naoko established TJM, a matchmaking company, in Minami Aoyama Tokyo in 1999. She has over 20 years experience in the matchmaking industry and in relationship coaching. TJM assists gentlemen all over the world and Japanese women in finding their right partners. TJM's mission is to connect happy men and women in order to create a global circle of happiness.


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