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Our Singles Party Event will be held in a week and some of our male members who will join our event are arriving in Japan this week. Some people may still have fears and feel stressed about visiting Japan because of language and cultural differences. They may believe that Japanese people do not speak English at all. However, let me allay any fears. Japan is very welcoming to visitors and English is widely spoken, especially at tourist facilities. In order to help you enjoy your stay in TOKYO, I would like to give you some tips. We hope they will ...

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Visiting Japan to Meet Japanese Women is a Wonderful Time If You Join MJL’s Meet and Greet in TOKYO Event

Many of our male members think that traveling to Japan to meet Japanese women may be a waste of time. If they spend a lot of time and money, they may expect to get a successful result. However, no one knows what will happen after meeting with the female member you have been corresponding with online. There is no guarantee in life. Nevertheless, we always recommend you to make time and visit Japan whenever you are ready to meet her in person. Your decision and action to visit Japan will help you know if you and she are meant for ...

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