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Japanese Women

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Do You Want to Meet Japanese Women Entrepreneurs? 


Do you want to meet Japanese women who are high maintenance or low maintenance? Perhaps, you would like to meet female entrepreneurs since they are low maintenance. After the Singles Party Event in Shibuya, Tokyo, we hosted a seminar for Japanese women who have an interest in becoming entrepreneurs. Over 60 Single Japanese women attended. 4 of them were recently engaged or married. They were interested in learning how they can live after getting married to a non-Japanese man and relocating outside of Japan. They would like to know what possibilities exist for earning income or starting businesses in other ...

Communication Workshop for Japanese Women

Events TOKYO

Communication Workshop for Japanese Women: Event Report


Before the Singles Party on July 6th, 2019, we hosted a Communication Workshop for Japanese Women. This workshop was for single Japanese women who want to marry a man outside of Japan. They are sincerely looking for their future partners. Here were the topics in the Communication Workshop: How to create an attractive personal profile in order to find an ideal future partner. How to dress nicely on the first date. How to find true love. Good communication.   About 30 Japanese women attended this workshop. They are sincere about finding true love and happy marriage.   Couple A and ...

Japanese women look VERY young even when they are over 50 years old. I think I am an example of how Japanese women stay younger.

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Japanese Women Look VERY Young


I had my 50th birthday in NYC last weekend. When I was a child, there was a magazine for teenagers, called “Seventeen”, and I felt that becoming 17 years old sounded so adult. Without realizing my age, I have been living for half a century and I still feel like I am a teenager. And, I still lead an active lifestyle and I like to try new things. Also, I appreciate that my husband always supports me in what I am doing.   Recently, we had younger and younger Japanese women who want to become our members. Some of them ...

Japanese Women Are Looking for Gentlemen Like You!


Japanese Women Are Looking for Gentlemen Like You! – See Our Female Members’ Updates


You may have received our female members’ Updated Info with simple info, last week. See the image below. One of our female members, #F17947, is going to visit San Francisco in May 2018. If you are interested in meeting with her, we are happy to setup a meeting for you.   We have been looking for the best way to share our female members’ detailed profile information and photos to all of our VIP Clients. However, at the same time, we need to protect our female members’ privacy.   Therefore, we show our female members’ detailed profiles and photos only ...

Japanese Women

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Show Your Interest in Her and She Will Be More Interested in You

2017/12/25    ,

During this year’s Christmas and New Year Holidays, many of our clients are visiting Japan in order to meet our female members. Some of them come to see her more than one time. We appreciate your efforts. Most likely, it is not an effort, but rather a pleasure and happiness if they get along during their first meeting. Also, some of our female members are planning to visit him as the second step. We encourage our female members to visit him if they both feel chemistry during their first meeting. I received feedback from one of our female members who ...

Japanese Women in NYC

Meet Japanese Women

To Japanese Women in NYC "Make Your Life Beautiful!"


Last weekend, I went to NYC for Free Consultations and to meet some men and Japanese women who live in NYC. I enjoy talking with new people, finding out what they need, and helping to solve their problems. The Next Free Consultation in NYC is on Nov 18th and 19th 2017 A single Japanese woman I met there told me that she is not able to meet a gentleman even though she has lived in NYC for a couple of years. She said that she is too busy to enjoy life in New York City. She works for a Japanese ...

Do Japanese Women Dance?

Meet Japanese Women Tips for Men

Do Japanese Women Dance?


At our event in Tokyo one of our male clients asked, “Do Japanese women dance?” I am not sure what kind of dance that he was referring to, but I assume he meant western dance. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities for Japanese people to dance. For instance, we do not have high school dances. If your Japanese girlfriend can dance very well, most likely she either took dance classes or she goes to night clubs very often. Are women who dance all night at night clubs marriage minded? Generally not so it would not be wise to seek your ...

BUSHIDO for Japanese Women

Meet Japanese Women Tips for Men

BUSHIDO for Japanese Women: Most of Japanese Women Agree With the Life Francesca Chose in the Movie “The Bridges of Madison County”


Have you seen the movie “The Bridges of Madison County”?   It is an American movie that was directed by Clint Eastwood in 1995.   As it is a kind of love affair story, this movie was not easily accepted in the US since in America, Christian people are in the majority and Christianity does not approve of extramarital affairs. However, this movie was a big hit in Japan at that time. Many Japanese people traveled to IOWA to see the bridge that they saw in the movie. The reason Japanese people love this movie is because Francesca ...

Beautiful Japanese Women Who Wants to Live with You in Japan

Introductions Tips for Men

Beautiful Japanese Women Who Wants to Live with You in Japan


  Recently, I interviewed a beautiful Japanese woman who lives in Japan. She owns three English schools that are located about two hours north from Tokyo. Her business is stable and she is not a workaholic. Since her business is successful, she is now thinking about finding her own happiness. Since she has a stable income source in Japan she can live anywhere, although she prefers to stay in Japan. If you are single who is looking for a Japanese woman and you want to live in Japan, here is a great opportunity for you! You can find a job ...

Meet Japanese Women

Japanese Women’s English Skills

We hosted an online seminar for our female clients who want to learn English and we tailored it for creating great relationships with non Japanese men. The participants were from Tokyo, Fukuoka, and San Francisco. The American Instructor was my husband, Roland. We used the zoom app for the conference call.   First, we asked them to send us their introductions. Second, we discussed how to appeal to American men. Third, we answered questions from the participants.   Here are some areas that Japanese women have difficulty with because of language and cultural differences with western countries. Japanese people don’t ...

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