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2016 Coaching Session for Japanese Women in TOKYO

2016/01/31    ,

One of our unique support systems is that we have a group coaching session for our Full Members. We regularly have a workshop to learn how to succeed in international relationships. Since there are cultural differences between your culture and Japanese culture, there naturally some issues may occur when dating. Sharing about those issues and discussing the solutions will help all of our female members.   On my last visit to Tokyo, some of our female members came to our group coaching session in Tokyo. The topics we discussed were as follows.   How do I recognize that he is ...

Marry a Japanese women

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#094 How Long Will It Take to Meet My Japanese Wife?

How long will it take to meet my Japanese wife after becoming our member? We often receive this question from our clients.   I understand that gentlemen who have never used a matchmaking company are concerned about the cost and time required. There are several points to keep in mind. First, our company is not a traditional online dating site, which has members who do not have any goals and they are playing around. In contrast, we are a marriage introduction service. All of our members choose our service since they are sincere, have specific goals in mind and they ...

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