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Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo on July 2nd 2017

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Our 2017 Meet & Greet with Japanese Women in Japan

We would like to announce that we will host our 2017 Meet & Greet with Japanese Women in Japan. It will be held on Saturday, July 1st or 2nd. I hope gentlemen all over the world will be easily able to join us since we have announced this event 6 months ahead. The details have not been planned yet, but it may include Speed Dating, BBQ Party, or other events. If you have any ideas or preferences, please share with us. Here are some reasons that we highly recommend that you attend our event next year.   See the places ...

Meet Japanese Women in Tokyo

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The Offer That Successful Men Never Make 

2016/05/15    ,

Some of our male members refuse to visit Japan to meet their candidates, often claiming that they are too busy. We understand that they prefer for Japanese women to meet and visit them by offering to purchase an airline ticket for them.   “I am going to buy an airline ticket for you, so would you please visit me?” This may sound like a very kind offer from you. However, this is not true. If you have just started communicating with her, she will feel uncomfortable.   Actually, some of our female members who have received this kind of invitation ...


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#097 Which Would You Like Better, Speed Dating, or Slow Dating?

We have hosted Speed Dating Events many times in various cities around the world, such as Tokyo, NYC, LA, and Singapore.   We appreciate that more than 40 people joined each of our events, and we have heard that some attendees found their partner through our events.   However, we are considering if Speed Dating is the best event for everyone since there are both pros and cons. Here are cons that we would like to improve if possible.   It is not easy for us to follow up with all of the attendees after the event since most of ...

Meet Japanese Women in NYC


All Seats are Reserved: Free Consultation in NYC in March

We are sorry to tell you, but the all seats are reserved at our Free Consultation weekend in NYC on March 28th and 29th. The reason why the seats were reserved so early is because there is a high demand for our Free Consultation service, especially for Japanese women in NYC/NJ. At this time, more and more single Japanese women in NYC contacted us, and we realized that they really would like to meet someone special in NYC. We are glad to meet with and assist them in introducing them to gentlemen in NYC/NJ.   We will expand more Free ...

Meet Japanese Women in Tokyo

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#092 Meet Japanese Women in Tokyo

We hosted a special event titled “Meet Japanese Women in a Beautiful Japanese Garden in Tokyo” on Dec 13th 2014.   More than 40 Japanese women attended and 3 men attended. The men who attended included B, who is a man from DC, Jonathan who lives in Tokyo, and Miyata who is our matchmaker at the Tokyo office.   Mainly, this event is for Japanese women who want to find husbands outside of Japan, and who would like to relocate to their countries. Everyone found this discussion & workshop event to be very meaningful.   Actually, I think this type ...

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Help Her Visualize Your Future ♥ Together

Our male members often ask us, “How can I get to be in an exclusive relationship with her?” In most cases their conversations are not that interesting for her, especially when a male member communicates only his desires and wants and does not truly give of himself and ask what she desires and wants. Men often appear selfish in this way. Some of our female members say, “All he talks about is food and he does not include me in his conversation.” She said their conversation went like this, he said that he knows many popular restaurants in Tokyo, and ...

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Would You Really Like to Get Married or Are You Looking for Just a Girlfriend?

This is an important message to men who have been communicating with one woman for three months or longer. We highly recommend that you meet her in Japan. It really helps you and her to get to know each other more completely, and it will help you both to decide if you want to take your relationship to the next level with either a commitment or a decline. A decline would allow you to start with a new candidate. Some male members take time to make this kind of decision, and it is rather common for men to hold onto ...

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