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Words to Never Write on Your Online Profile

Tips for Men

#106 Words to Never Write on Your Online Profile

  When you fill out your online profile, there are things that you should never write. This is a very important aspect, but many of our members make common mistakes.   There is a question like this one: What are the three most important elements in a partner?   We would like both male and female members to simply write three words or phrases that describe traits they expect their future spouses to have. Example include, Loyal, Responsible, Caring, and so on…   When a matchmaker checks this part, it is easy to image our members’ personality, and our members ...

Naoko Matsumoto 松本直子

Tips for Men

#104 Do Not Choose Your Future Wife by Her “APPEARANCE" - If You Want to be Happy, Listen to Your Matchmaker

“I want to meet a beautiful Japanese Woman!”, say most of our male clients. It is only natural that most of our male clients dream of meeting a beautiful Japanese woman as a lifelong partner. One day, I asked one of our male members, “Who is your ideal Japanese woman?” He answered, “She should be like Kumiko Goto.” If you google her name, you will find photos of the beautiful perfect woman, Kumiko Goto.   She is a singer and actress in Japan. She is now over 40 years old, and mom of three children, however, she is still ...

Naoko Matsumoto Marriage Coach Japan

Tips for Men

Japanese Women are Afraid of Free Online Dating, and They are Looking for Safer Sites

Many of our new Japanese female members have visited our office stating how they became very frightened about online dating after hearing about this news story. Have you heard about the murder of a Japanese woman in San Diego? Her dead body was found in a desert outside San Diego, and her husband was investigated as a suspect. Please watch the video of the news report:   They met through a free dating website. According to the news report, he was still a member of a free dating website after his wife’s death. I do not want to alarm ...

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