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Tips for Men

Show Your Interest in Her and She Will Be More Interested in You

2017/12/25    ,

During this year’s Christmas and New Year Holidays, many of our clients are visiting Japan in order to meet our female members. Some of them come to see her more than one time. We appreciate your efforts. Most likely, it is not an effort, but rather a pleasure and happiness if they get along during their first meeting. Also, some of our female members are planning to visit him as the second step. We encourage our female members to visit him if they both feel chemistry during their first meeting. I received feedback from one of our female members who ...

Naoko Matsumoto 11th Wedding Anniversary

Naoko Matsumoto

Our Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary

2017/10/08    ,

We had a Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary last week.   Although the divorce rate in the US is extremely high at over 50%, we have been thriving (or surviving) as a happy couple for over 10 years. That is fantastic!   I don’t want to say that maintaining a happy marriage life is a miracle because every couple can make a little effort to feel “happiness” every day.   Every day we share a happy moment of that day. We ask each other “What is your happiest moment of today?” Everyone in our family enjoys answering this question and sharing ...

Attached Amir Levine M.D.

Tips for Men

Discover Your and Her Attachment Type to Find and Sustain LOVE

2015/05/24    , ,

Luna and I went to the Matchmaking Institutes’ Conference in April. There were matchmakers and relationship coaches who came from all over the world and there were lectures on many different topics designed to develop coaching skills.   I was very impressed with one of the lectures titled “Attached” by Amir Levine, MD. He is a psychiatrist, neuroscientist and the author of the book “Attached.” In his study, people are categorized into three different attachment types “Secure”, “Anxious”, or “Avoidant” according to their human behavior and traits.   ANXIOUS: People are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry ...

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Tips for Men

#078 Don’t Ask About Her Past Relationships at The First Meeting with Her

One of the reasons that first meetings often don’t work out is because men often ask about her past relationships. Men often ask her, “How many men have you met thorough MJL?” Is this really an important question for you to ask at the first meeting? Do you think that asking this question makes her feel happy? As a general recommendation for men during their first meeting, we advise that is better not to ask such a question to her. If she seriously answered this question her reply might be like this, “Ummmm, let me see, this is the 10th ...

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