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Before Inviting her into an Intimate Relationship

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Before Inviting her into an Intimate Relationship


“He invited me to stay at his hotel room this weekend even though we have just had our first date.” At this point he expects to have an “intimate relationship with her.” “Is this a normal thing for men and women to sleep with each other at the early stage of their courtships in western countries?” Our female members nervously ask us. We, as a matchmaker, need to explain about the dating culture in western countries.   Basically, we advise our female members that they can make their own decisions. If she does not know him yet, it is usually ...

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#096 Good Communication is Based on “Empathy”

Many of Matchmaking Agencies just setup dates for their clients even without showing her pictures. If your purpose is “dating” it may work, however, if your purpose is “marriage”, more communication before meeting in person is necessary according to our experience.   MJL members start by communicating through email and skype. Most of our couple members exchange messages almost every day, and talking on skype every weekend. Since most of them do long distance correspondence, a fair amount of effort is made by both our male and female members. However, as a result of their efforts, when a male member ...

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Tips for Men

#079 Relationships that Are Dominated by Money Usually Do Not Work

2014/07/06    , ,

              Summer has come!   It is great time for our male members to visit Japan since they have summer vacation, and many of them plan to visit Japan from July to September.       In Japan, we have several big national holidays in August and September, so the summer is also a good time for our female members to meet their correspondences.     Sometimes, a man offers to a woman, “Come to my place. I am happy to pay for your flight.”   That sounds kind to our female members, however, ...

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