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Meet Japanese Women in JAPAN: TJM Travel Concierge Hotline Will Come Soon!


Last week, I went to NYC and met Mr. Nakagawa who owns a Japanese travel agency that is called Amnet.   The company’s headquarter office is in NYC, and there are seven branches in the US in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Honolulu, Dallas, and Miami. Also, there are two offices in Japan in Tokyo and Osaka.   I asked Mr. Nakagawa if his company can take care of our male clients who want to travel to Japan. Our male members travel to Japan in order to meet our female members. They purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms ...

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Japan Travel Guide: Uber Exists in Japan!


I apologize for announcing that Uber does not exist in Japan. This was incorrect. Uber does exist in Japan and has made an agreement with Japan’s taxi drivers in order to have a harmonious business relationship. Please read the following article. Uber does exist in Japan! One of our male members who visited Japan for our singles party told me, I used Uber in TOKYO! I tried to see my Uber App, and it worked! Thank you for letting us know about Uber Japan, Mr. R! Uber eats also exists in Japan and it is the same system ...

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Visit Japan Now! - Intensive Plan Starts


Intensive Plan Starts – Visit Japan Now! Do you want to meet Japanese women who are marriage minded? In our unique program, we set up meetings with Japanese women for you when you visit Japan. Our female members feel more comfortable meeting with you for the first time in Japan than in your home country. All you need to do is to decide to visit Japan to meet our Japanese female members. Many of our male members are more successful with meeting their Japanese partner when they decide to visit Japan through our program. We setup all meetings based upon ...

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#102 The Top 10 Business Hotels in TOKYO

  We have many male clients who visit Japan throughout the year. We are always happy to assist our clients who travel to Japan to meet our female clients!   We are asked by our male clients if we would recommend nice, reasonably priced hotels in TOKYO. Hotels rooms are expensive in Japan and the rooms are small. However, many hotels offer excellent quality and service. Some hotels include amazing buffet style breakfasts. Here is the list of “The Top 10 Business Hotels in TOKYO Selected by Rakuten Travel, which is one of the best online travel agencies in Japan. ...

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