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I went shopping with my Grandma today.
We had a lot of fun!

She bought a lot of clothes.

Then we went to a restaurant.

It was a very good time.


I tried going to the wedding company today.

It was a fancy and beautiful place!



4. he always takes my side.


When I had a difficult time at my workplace, he always took my side and gave me good advice. I appreciate it so much!!

Some of my friends who have a Japanese boyfriend say, “He sometimes takes my boss’ side when I complain about my boss.”

It is so much stressful to girls.

Maybe people need to choose their partner who has the same philosophy as theirs.

3.He’s always curious and is very interested in me.

He asked about me, my family, my friend and my job rather than talked about his hobby.

It makes girls happier, I think!!


Maybe many men want girls to know themself at first.

But girls would be so happy when they can feel men are interested in them.

Walking in the downtown Yokohama, I found this beautiful clouds.

You can see lights from clouds. I heard they are called “Angel Road”.