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My agent Naoko advises us to talk with our partner about money before we get married.

She said it’s very important for happy marriage!


Japanese common sense isn’t sometimes understood in the US.

In Japan, most wives hold the purse strings.

They manage all money that their husband earned and give some pocket money to their husband every month.

But it’s different in the US.

That’s why we should talk with our partner before we get married.

I also think this is very important because most of the reason why many couples start having problems is financial things actually.

Yesterday was Father’s Day here.
I give our father some money on Father’s Day every year.

It seem to be very strange from the viewpoint in US for children to give a father money.

Fathers give their kids money when the kids are a little, but after the kids have grown up, they sometimes give their father money here.
Fathers feel happy at that time because it shows their kids have grown up.

Maybe it’s a part of Japanese culture.

My co-worker said, “I told my boyfriend how spoiled our boss is. But he told me I should follow him because he is my boss. Also he told me every employees must follow their boss and it’s common sense! he said I’m selfish. ”

And then, my other co-worker said, “My boyfriend told me the same thing! And then we were in a bad mood for a while because of that. Maybe it’s men’s human nature? ”

(Their boyfriends are Japanese)

What do you think?
Do you understand your girlfriend well and always listen to her?

If we quit our job without thinking what we should do after quitting the job, maybe we wouldn’t work for a while and would stay at your room all day.

It’s definitely not a good thing.


Maybe we have 4 choices.

1. Just finding a new job as soon as possible with your experience and skills that you have.

2. Starting your own company with your experience and skills that you have.

3. Going to school to get new skills or licenses so that you can get a new job that you haven’t done.

4. Studying by myself to get a new licenses so that you can get a new job that you haven’t done.

Which would you choose?

It’s difficult to find a new job in Japan recently, so young people spend about 2 years to have hundreds of interviews. And then, they can get a job finally.


But after they start working, some of them can’t stand to work in the society that is strict and they quit immediately.

It’s said that that’s because they are spoiled.

As a result, many young Japanese people keep staying at their parents’ house and are afraid of going outside to work.

It appears it’s a very big problem in Japan.