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Japanese TV program said, “Misao Ohkawa became 116 this year. What are points in common of people who live over 100?”

1. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.
2. They like blue-skin fish.
3. They sleep for about 9 hours everyday.
4. They like whip cream on cakes so much!

Anyhow, I think people should live longer for their partner and family.

I think I have a good immunity system.
Maybe it’s because I don’t take medicines much.
About 13 years ago, I got a flu. Unfortunately I had to take an important test at that time. But I didn’t take any medicines and recovered it.
If the cold is terrible, you have to take medicines of course.

Anyhow, I haven’t gotten a cold over the past 13 years.


I watched one TV program yesterday. It was about how to live to over 100 years old.
Some people who are over 100 years old took a blood test.
It showed they have so much Adiponectin that can keep the blood vessels being young!
The amount of Adiponectin they have is more than the average amount of one that 40s people have!

According to the doctor, if people reduce their girth of the abdomen, they can get much Adiponectin.
People whose girth of the abdomen is large have only a little Adiponectin.

They said, if your girth of the abdomen is more than 85 cm (90 cm for women), that means you have very little Adiponectin.

Better make an effort to reduce the girth of abdomen!

Many Japanese people are allergic to pollen.
I’m also allergic to pollen and it bothers me every year.
Lately many patients started to bring the prescriptions of H1-blocker(medicines for allergy).
It means there is too much pollen here!

Steak Diet

I’ve learned that when you consume your energy, glucose is used at first and fat is used next time.
It means the fat can’t be used until enough glucose is used.
In the steak diet, you shouldn’t eat fruits and carbon hydrate that make glucose but you can eat steak, meat, fish and vegetable.
So, the fat is consumed easily.

Many Japanese people love rice, so it would be very hard to do the steak diet, but it seems to be very effective if you can do it.