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How do you choose the engagement / marriage ring that you would give for your fiance?

I heard some people choose the stones that come from “DEAREST”.

It sounds very nice!

I would like to put on the ring that has my birth stone, so I asked my fiance to give it for me.

Then, he sent it to me!!!

I love that ring ūüôā

How much should I save money before I get married?

I actually don’t have much money now, because I’ve spent much money for lots of things I need.
For example,
tuition of college
student loan
straightening teeth
studying abroad
skin care
and so on…

I have to save money from now on!

Even if I got married, I want to earn money for my pocket money at least.

Because I want to keep being to be loyal to my husband.

That’s why I’m looking for a temporary job!

We decided to choose photo wedding.

(We’re not actually interested in a wedding ceremony. )

Now, I have to choose dresses!


Soul Mate

I think all people want to meet their soul mate in their life.

But maybe there are only few people who can meet their soul mate in their life.

If you can meet your soul mate and if he/she become your husband/wife, how happy  they are!


Maybe¬†the possibility that we can meet a soul mate who would become a future partner would be very low…

Thinking of it, it might be sort of¬†foolish that we limit the range of salary/age/nationality of the person whom we want to marry before we met them…