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4. he always takes my side.


When I had a difficult time at my workplace, he always took my side and gave me good advice. I appreciate it so much!!

Some of my friends who have a Japanese boyfriend say, “He sometimes takes my boss’ side when I complain about my boss.”

It is so much stressful to girls.

Maybe people need to choose their partner who has the same philosophy as theirs.

3.He’s always curious and is very interested in me.

He asked about me, my family, my friend and my job rather than talked about his hobby.

It makes girls happier, I think!!


Maybe many men want girls to know themself at first.

But girls would be so happy when they can feel men are interested in them.

2. He always chooses words I would know when he emails me.

His mails are always easy for me to read.
I can feel his consideration that he always tries not to give stress to me.

Also, his mails are always not too short and too long. It also might be the way he tries not to give stress to me.

And his sentences always have perfect grammar, so I can learn English from them.

1. He responds to my email within a day at latest.


In international relationships, email is essential.

When I get the response from him within a day, I felt his loyalty.

He also told me he felt my loyalty because I also respond to his emails within a day.

I think searching for a marriage partner is incredibly stressful. We have to search and read men’s profile, and then have to email the and do Skype.

After that we have to meet men whom we’ve never seen. And sometimes we get their answer that is “No”.

It’s really stressful for us…

Fortunately, all men whom I met were gentlemen and nice.

But we didn’t work out after all.

That fact gave me so much stress actually.

Naoko encouraged me every month, so I could keep seeking a marriage partner for a while.

But, one day I decided to stop seeking a marriage partner temporarily.

I wanted time to relax a little and think about why I couldn’t find a marriage partner.