About Me.

Hi, I am Japanese wife who lives in UK.
In my free time, I do Yoga, Internet, Gardening and cooking.
As a Japanese wife, I’d like to share my experiences and offer help to other couples in similar situation.
Also I’d like to introduce any UK gentleman the way of Japanese culture if they are thinking of a relationship with Japanese lady.


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4 thoughts on “About Me.

    • Hi,I’m a Japanese guy who lives in Chiba prefecture arunod the tokyo.I commute to a place at Tokyo.I have various type of delicious diets.I have some teens female friends and a sister.I’m watching their life.I’m so interested in food and cook that I’m more healthier than my friends.But,Japanese girls and women don’t eat speacial foods for their beauty and health.I’ve just known that You admire them for their prettiness and fashioness.maybe the reason is that they wear shashonable clothes and know very well about cosmetics.Of course,about their trendy shapes of hairs.They have a lot of information about fashion from magazines and enouch money to buy cosmetics and clothes or to go to beauty salons. Additionally they wear clothes stylishly.But still you want to know their real daily food ,so I’ll tell you about that.They love fast foods like hamburgers at Mac and sweets like cake at shops and ice at Haagen-Dazs.I happen to see they eats light meals like sandwitches and rice balls in the morning.At lunch they bring lunch boxes or eat out or buy some foods at convenience stores.So they don’t have special type of foods ,compared with US and EU.However they love fashonable and delicious foods very much ,especailly buy them.Fainally,sorry if you don’t understand my writing well because of my poor english.


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