Cheap ticket

My Japanese friend came to our house last month.
She bought very cheap ticket and came. It was only £15 by South-West Train. She also went to Belgium for £30 each way she said.

When I told my husband about this, he said :

Wow M-san ( my friend’s name ) got a good price for the rail ticket. I assume she went to Belgium on the Eurostar. And £15 was for return journey I assume – that was very good price.

So ,,,, we can go same way !!!

Hot ?

My husband couldn’t sleep last week becayse he said : too hot !

The hot, humid weather across parts of Britain has made for uncomfortable
nights. ( I don’t think so, but ,,, anyway. )

Humidity is a big part of the problem, making it hard for sweat to evaporate.
( I like humid because my skin is very dry ! )

In places like the US, where powerful air conditioning units are reasonably
common in houses in hot and humid areas, it’s not so much of a concern.
But in places like the UK where it’s hot and humid less frequently how should
people ensure they get a good night’s sleep?

should see Horror Film !! I like hot (^^).


My friend ( not Jsapane, not British either ) asked me how can she do Aikido.

What ???
I don’t know what Aikido is !?

” Aikido is an art of self-defense which emphasizes good body movement, throws, and joint locks.  When using Aikido properly, violent aggression can be neutralized swiftly and cleanly so that effective self-defense is possible without inflicting injury.”

So I couldn’t answe that day, but we met again and I told her about it.
She seems very interested in Aikido now.

Well, when I told my husband about it, he was surprised to think I want to do Aikido (^^).
He afraid of me !?


About fat

I getting fat I guess, since I came to UK ;

There are very few Japanese weighing over 200 kg, which makes them sick, let alone 200kg although this isn’t rare for Westerners.
Although Western foods are eaten more frequently now.
but standard foods is healthy food for Japanese like me.

However, my British husband likes cooking ! so I have to eat them.
I don’t want to fat anymore but ,,,, do something ;;;.

Yoga for me

I love yoga.
And I still learning yoga, not only pose but anatomy as well.
So, I am going to buy some books like this :

Actualy, I have this book already but I need some more different one.
My British husband searching some books for me, and I very appreciated it.
Thank you !!
Yoga is important for me, he knows it.

No sense of direction

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a really bad sense of direction.

When I enter the shop, I do not know what came from which upon exiting ;; so bad.
That’s why I keep up after my husband always ( ! ).

However, I sometimes want to go to shop when we go to travel ( another country ), but I scared to lose way, and if I said ” wait for me. ” ,,,, my husband’s face is so weird.
I don’t know why ?? It’s  mystery.