No summer

It’s rainy season coming in Japan.

A common question by locals is whether there are four seasons in your country, after which you’ll be told there are in Japan, those being winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I like this. ( In particular, SUMMER !! )

In UK, they ( UK people ) saying : oh, it’s summer coming !
But it’s NOT summer for me !

I hope it !!

Well, how’s going everyone ??

My husband said :
It going to get hot in UK next week. I saw on breakfast news ( BBC ) that it coudl be reaching 30C so maybe you even be wearing just t-shirt.
( I don’t believe it (^^) but if so, it’s so happy for me. )

He also said : Actually if it stays that warm (30C) for long time it can get very unpleasant in bedroom because of no a/c. Still it be a change to have some warm weather.

No, we have no a/c in our house, and I never seen it in UK even other house.
I don’t like a/c in room so it’s no ploblem, but I need to buy fan sometimes.
I hope REALL summer coming in UK this year !!! I really hope it.


Goldfish for Japanese

In Japanese summer, we believed to get felling cool if we looking at the goldfish.
But foreigner can’t understand why get cool just look at the fish ??
An Italians apparently be surprised and say “Oh !?  you working in August !? ” the telephone is incoming from family and friends of the home country.

Japanese summer is like a ferocity in the world apparently. And goldfish is squite popular like a pet.
Actually, when I was a little child, our family has some goldfish in our house and I was feed them every day.

However, in UK, we have no summer (^^) and we don’t need any goldfish in here.
Well, I asked to my husband about how do you do if you feel hot ( never ! but ) in summer in UK ? ,,, he said : drink some beer !!
Yes, I agree with it !!!