I didn’t know it

Aman asked : how many bollocks here ?
I couldn’t understand it, but it meant ,,, man.

bollocks (ˈbɒləks) , ballocks or bollix

pl n

1. (Anatomy) another word for testicles. See testicle
2. nonsense; rubbish

3. an exclamation of annoyance, disbelief, etc
4. the bollocks the dog’s bollocks something excellent
vb (usually foll by up)

5. to muddle or botch
I need to learn more English ;;

Turkish language for Japanese

My husband and I went to Turkey for holiday, and I was interested in Turkish language.
It was like a ,,,, bit similer as Japanese ( ? ) and bit funny sound but very nice !

Turkish is spoken as a native language by over 77 million people worldwide making it the most commonly spoken of the Turkic languages.

Until 1928, Turkish was written with a version of the Perso-Arabic script known as the Ottoman Turkish script.
In 1928, as part of his efforts to modernise Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk issued a decree replacing the Arabic script with a version of the  Latin alphabet, which has been used ever since. Nowadays, only scholars and those who learnt to read before 1928 can read Turkish written in the Arabic script.

Muuuuu,,, but I need to learn in English fast ,,,, I know it !!

Turkish people’s English

My husband and I went to Turkey for holiday, but we went to yoga class asa well.
Yoga is my most importanthobby and it is my life.
Yoga studio is local and some Turkish could speak English, however ,,,,

Why they have to speak English ???
It’s Turkey !!

I don’t like English speaker keep speak their own language at another country.

Language problem

The Winter Olympics are held in Sochi, southern Russia, people saying  “Olympics country  but not understand the English” are heard from foreign tourists here and there in the hall.

When someone buy drinking water at the shop but couldn’t understand it, Japanese women are fluent English also surprised “Water” has not communicated with the clerk in English.

This problem of Sochi, likely a big issue in Tokyo Olympics in 2020 to be done in a non-English-speaking countries.

 Still, the language barrier might be a problem is overcome with the development of technology.
“interpretation of smartphone software (high-performance mobile phone function) helped a great deal in Sochi. Communication measures with foreigners using the terminal is also likely to need in the Tokyo Olympics !?


My husband can’t speak Japanese, can’t read, can’t understand any ;;

How many times we haven’t hear an American, a Brit, a Scot, a Welsh tell a foreigner (ie someone who’s native language isn’t English) to come back when he spoke English.

I know why English is the major language of the world, because they believes it a NICE language ( ? ).
I think that we can all agree that English also is the major language of the internet.
Now the British people I have met, the American people I have met barely spoke another language wich I find weird.

When we visit another countries which not English speak, he speaks English of cource,
but why ??
You should speak local language JUST greeting at least !!

Black sesame

I’m interested in Black sesame now like yesterday’s blog.
So, I went to healthy shop at our town by bus ( ! ).

I was looking for black sesame but it has NOT. then I asked shop lady about black sesame.
She said  ” Oh, dark one. Fummm,,,,, I’ll order it for you. ”

That’s great !
However, I wanna black one, but she said dark.

,,, well, UK people don’t say ” black ” sometimes.
When my Japanese friend saying : we have black hair. but UK people saying : your’s dark hair.
I knew it but that Japanese friend asked me about it.
Anyway, hair is understand, but what about sesame ?
She could ordered dark sesame ?? as much as I want to ??

Film’s word

I watched film which was ” Notting Hill ” ( I like this film ) and Spike said
” Groovy ! ”
several times.
I kkew that meaan, but someone said : It was very old word. But I think it is interesting if I use. If I saying : groovy ! ,,, maybe people will laugh, BIG laugh.
The problem is ,,,, Japanese ” v ” sound is bit funny.

I learning another English for this film like ” point taken ” ,,, this is also Spike said.
That film I will study a variety of slang is being used.

My husband doesn’t like I use slang, but he saying a LOT of slangs, He may not have known about,,, fuuuuuuu,,,.

Lost Confidence ,,,.

When I had a train, maybe about two years girl and her granma ( probably ! ) rode the train and sat down front of me.
A girl was very friendsly and always talking, singing and jumping ( ! ).

She told something to me BUT I couldn’t understand her English.

When I said to her : ” Look, that’s horses ! ” she laughed but when she said : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !! ” ,,, can’t understand her.
Fuuuu, I lost confidence that day ;.
I need to ability to hearing English even children.

What’s atopy ?

I did read a Net Forum in Japanese, then found interested question.

A Japanese lady seems to have ended up with atopic dermatitis, when told to her boyfriend (American) about it, but he was felt that the “?????”.
We, Japanese call it ” atopy ” ( アトピー) or if you look in the dictionary, it ” atopic dermatitis “. so maybe taht’s why she said so, and he couldn’t understand it.

It meant ” eczema ” , so if youre Japanese girlfriend said ” atopy “, it’s AD or eczema.
I always say to my Japanese friends to ” Do not believe dictionary. ” but of course I am NOT perfect at all and still learning English.


My Japanese friend, Y-san’s complaints started again. She getting angry about ESOL now.

Teacher asked to her ( and other students ) about ” What did you do this week ? ” but Y-san said : ” Why I have to talk about my privacy !
( because it’s English practice !! )
Or, theacher asked about her husband. then Y-san said to me : What’s it to her !?
( she just worry about him because he got serious illness ! )
That’s why I don’t know what to say to Y-san ;;;;;; fuuuuuuu,,,,.
She also hate other students.
,,,,, she said she can’t understand what other students saying ( English ) and they can’t understand what Y-san saying. I think it maybe ,,,, second language each other.
She still speak lot’s of Japanese with husband ( he can speak Japanese very well ), and speaking mix ( Japanese and some English ) to M ( other British friend ), she need to speak to other people I guess.
So, I try to speak English to Chinese or other countries people at station or Yoga class, it’s very good for me.
I’m interested to ESOL now. It’s depend on town, but I heard it free after visa coming.


Then my husband said : Wow – it seems Y-san is such a mixed up person. I just wonder what she thinks about us :). Maybe she complaining about us as well.
You know that the teacher is just trying to get them to practise English and finding things for them to talk about. Y-san can just say ordinary things like she went shopping or had a walk.

I think you should just keep trying and mention positive things to her and that people are doing things with good intention. Y-san just seems to be so negative all the time. It must be quite depressing for husband if she like that with him. And I can see why they are having arguments if she like that. And it difficult for you as well, but I hope Y-san can understand that you giving her encouragement and not mean anything hurtful. I think sometimes she can take things the wrong way and I realise not easy for you.

Yes, my husband is very understanding about me, GOOD !