It’s fireworks season in Japan.

The Tokyo Bay Fireworks are held north of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay.

They feature about 12,000 shells launched from barges anchored in the water.
The best views are from official spots at Harumi Park, a 15 minute walk from Toyosu Station.
Some areas are free, but you have to arrive early enough to secure them. The fireworks can also be seen from other places around the bay such as Odaiba, but note that the Rainbow Bridge is closed to pedestrians during the show.

Please take care to go and please take care of your girlfriend ( ! ).


It’s Yukata season coming in Japan !

Yukata is an informal, unlined kimono made of cotton and worn with a narrow sash (obi). It is usually worn to the bath or in the summertime. Unlike ceremonial kimono.

yukata is casual and comfortable to wear.
It can be worn next to the skin. Wooden clogs (geta) are usually worn without Japanese socks (tabi) when wearing yukata. Since it is considered very casual, it is not supposed to be worn on formal occasions.

The name “yukata” comes from the word “yu (bath)” and “katabira (under-clothing)”.


I have some yukata in Japan ( mum’s house ) and will take them to UK woth me next time. So I can wear Yukata next summer ??

Soy souce

One of the basic seasonings of Japanese cuisine has evolved along with the traditional foods of the region, soy sauce.

If you’ll have more leverage the soy sauce, the development of “things soy sauce instead” feel the surprise is followed.

e.g : Potato salad has changed to curry it supposed to put the soy sauce.
The “positive oil of curry flavor”, not to be subjected to curry rice, soy sauce to be changed to curry taste.

I would like to try them !!!

Soy milk

A Chinese man was drinking soy milk for health.
1 cup first to wake up in the morning.  He drink soy milk like water. Not only that, the thoroughness of drinking soy milk also over drinks even izakaya.
He has continued about two years such a life.

Where it had continued such a life, is somehow in the chest swelling of L-san. They did it to grow at a fast and furious in two years.


We, Japanese ( women !? ) love soy mikl, but be careful, not too much !?