Monster Parents

A Monster Parents ( aka helicopter parent ) is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s or children’s experiences and problems.

In Japan, testimony to the problem are government figures showing that the number of absent teachers due to mental stress has tripled over the past decade, accounting for 63 per cent of sick leave by monster parents.

What about UK ?
I asked my husband but he was not monster rarent and it different generation.


My husband made Yakisoba, it was not Japanese yakisoba, but I very enjoyed it !

Yakisoba, literally grilled noodles (soba noodle), was originally derived from the Chinese chow mein.

While chow mein uses soy sauce, the Japanese season this noodle with a Worcestershire sauce like thick sweet sauce for yakisoba.

Anyway, I wanted to Aonori ( あおのり ) for yakisoba !
We need it with them !

( Aonori is blue seaweed. )


Runny nose

Since I came to UK, my nose running all the time.
When I go to GP,  doctor gave me a nose spray, and it doesn’t work !
I worry about other things like ,,, other sick.

“Stuffy nose” is a term often used to refer to  obstruction to the flow of air in and out of the nose, while “runny nose” refers  to a discharge (fluid) coming from the nasal passages.

I should go to doctor in Japan !?
They will variety of test.


My friend ( not Jsapane, not British either ) asked me how can she do Aikido.

What ???
I don’t know what Aikido is !?

” Aikido is an art of self-defense which emphasizes good body movement, throws, and joint locks.  When using Aikido properly, violent aggression can be neutralized swiftly and cleanly so that effective self-defense is possible without inflicting injury.”

So I couldn’t answe that day, but we met again and I told her about it.
She seems very interested in Aikido now.

Well, when I told my husband about it, he was surprised to think I want to do Aikido (^^).
He afraid of me !?


Phamacy in Japan

In Japan, Lawson began serious about expanding drugstore ( pharmacy ) function.

Mainly cosmetics and daily necessities, medicines, and plans to increase to about 500 stores in the next three years, a new shop which expanded the number of goods than the usual convenience store. Wow.

In UK, we can buy medicine at Boots or other shops, and we have no convenience store ( maybe somewhere ?? ).
I don’t know this is convenience or not ?

Maybe, Japanese are very busy society, so will be success.

Japanese breakfast

In Japan, It is “breakfast boom “, and there is no sign of it slowing down still.

According to the investigation of the breakfast to eat at home, modern Japanese are taking “Gohan-shoku” ( rice breakfast ) is a person of the 31.0%, the “bread” people 53.7%.

One of the serial called granola is “Furughllha”. As it is mixed with dried fruit such as the granola baked fragrant and oats, Furughllha’s good features of texture was crispy especially.

Originally, it was breakfast with a focus on rice, but Japan has become predominant bread because of onvenience. There is a good chance that many of the breakfast will change in the future.

Our breakfast in UK, is serial for my husband and I eating porridge even summer.
But I have to eat rice because getting fat !!


It was a bloody instrusion into the world of bright and shiny pop that in the eyes of Japanese teen fans, was akin to the stars of One direction or Little Mix being put in the firing line.

Two members of girl AKB48, Rina and Anna were injured by an attacker wielding a saw during a meet and greet.

I knew this news, I did read Japanese news, but I did read UK newspaper as well !
They are so Popular !!?