Deep Fried Spiced Tofu

I will make this !!

375 firm tofu
1/2 cup rice flower
2 tablespoon ground coriander
1 tablespoon ground cardamon
1 clove garlic, ct\rushed
1/2 cup water
oil, for deep frying

1: Drain tofu, cut into 1cm thick slices.
2: Combine flower, coriander, cardamon and garlic in a bowl, add water, stir until smooth.
3: heat oil in a pan.
dip tofu slices into spice mixture, coat thickly.
4: Lower slices into heated oil, three at a time, cook on medium heat for 1 minute on each side or until crisp and golden brown, drain on absorbent paper.

Reheat with remaining slices.

This is yummy !!!



In Japan, they has a very HOT summer !!
Then they eating what take the stamina like natto ( with cucumber ).
I like natto, but I can’t buy it in UK.

When I lived in Japan, I eated this :


Maybe mu British husband can’t eat this because it natto ;;; but it very good for you !

Soy souce

One of the basic seasonings of Japanese cuisine has evolved along with the traditional foods of the region, soy sauce.

If you’ll have more leverage the soy sauce, the development of “things soy sauce instead” feel the surprise is followed.

e.g : Potato salad has changed to curry it supposed to put the soy sauce.
The “positive oil of curry flavor”, not to be subjected to curry rice, soy sauce to be changed to curry taste.

I would like to try them !!!

Soy milk

A Chinese man was drinking soy milk for health.
1 cup first to wake up in the morning.  He drink soy milk like water. Not only that, the thoroughness of drinking soy milk also over drinks even izakaya.
He has continued about two years such a life.

Where it had continued such a life, is somehow in the chest swelling of L-san. They did it to grow at a fast and furious in two years.


We, Japanese ( women !? ) love soy mikl, but be careful, not too much !?

Japanese breakfast

In Japan, It is “breakfast boom “, and there is no sign of it slowing down still.

According to the investigation of the breakfast to eat at home, modern Japanese are taking “Gohan-shoku” ( rice breakfast ) is a person of the 31.0%, the “bread” people 53.7%.

One of the serial called granola is “Furughllha”. As it is mixed with dried fruit such as the granola baked fragrant and oats, Furughllha’s good features of texture was crispy especially.

Originally, it was breakfast with a focus on rice, but Japan has become predominant bread because of onvenience. There is a good chance that many of the breakfast will change in the future.

Our breakfast in UK, is serial for my husband and I eating porridge even summer.
But I have to eat rice because getting fat !!

About fat

I getting fat I guess, since I came to UK ;

There are very few Japanese weighing over 200 kg, which makes them sick, let alone 200kg although this isn’t rare for Westerners.
Although Western foods are eaten more frequently now.
but standard foods is healthy food for Japanese like me.

However, my British husband likes cooking ! so I have to eat them.
I don’t want to fat anymore but ,,,, do something ;;;.