My Japanese friend told me about Mate-tea ( Mate-cha in japanese ).
What about it !!??

Mate’ Tea is made from brewing the leaves of a holly-like tree found in South America.
sometimes, mate-tea is call ” yerba mate ” in English.

In the U.S. ( yerba ) mate is widely available in health food stores oronline.
Proponents of yerba mate say that it can relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, ease depression, and help treat headaches and various other conditions. There’s no definitive evidence that these claims are valid.

Muuuu,,, shoud buy it ? or not ??

Friend’d birthday

It was my friend’s birthday last month and I sent message to her.
She replyed to me :

I’m …..40+++ Yrs old lol, when the number grows, I feel even more eager to do more things I love to do and be.
I can still see my old days as living as a kid right at the old town of B.
A student in the local area and been followed by a few guys and girls who were after me at my prime youth aged.
A brave young untypical girl backpacked around Asia n end up in the west half of my life. Lol at least the marriage survive with 2 smart kids.
Now seeing more than 80 countries, I’m still passionate of being somewhere learning more art and express my works from different cultures probably Japan when Nathan is grown up n be able to survive by himself.
I promise my adulthood time will be even more crazier n my travelling mode will never end but not sure where I will be and end. I wish I have more years to survive n live comfy in my successful life so far. Lol
Thanks for all the kindness to me in the past n till today. I’m loving it too. Happy birthday to me n wish I success n have more time to live n be me me me in a way god want me to be.
So, she wants go to Japan and she is lovely !!

Athlete’s foot in UK

I am doing yoga at a yoga studio.
And I see people of athlete’s foot sometimes ( !! ).

Athlete’s foot refers to a skin eruption that is confined to the foot, in both athletes and nonathletes.
It may have many causes and can occur anywhere on the foot, including the sole, toe webs, and back of the foot.

I do not know what to being treated, but just I be careful in UK life.


About yoga

I love yoga and my husband sometimes taking yoga class with me.
but he still can’t understand which is which.

While different schools of yoga each have their own take on vinyasa practice, simply Googling the word gives us a pretty solid contemporary definition:

・Movement between poses in yoga, typically accompanied by regulated breathing
・A method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath.

Just enjoy ! so it’s yoga !!

Wrong address

Someone knocked on the door this morning, it was old lady.
She said : You must got parcel on last Tuesday, it’s mine.
I said : No, no that’s my husband ordered.
Then we checked parcel, and we saw strange address.
Mr. xxxxx  xxxxx
flat neme, and our address. 
” xxxxx house ( flat name )” ?? that’s why deliveryman was wrong deliver.
I show her what inside in , it’s coffee. So she understand and go back.
She seems got a letter from deliveryman but didn’t know what it is. fuuuuu,,.
My husband said :
” Yes that was problem – that the coffee company put in the xxxxx House address. When I did order it was our address so it was coffee company who mixed it up.
This happend the last time we ordered as well.
Oh well it all sorted now and hope the old lady was OK about it. “
Oh, please UK people !! please don’t put in wrong sddress !!

Make up my way

I started a project last month and very busy now.
I have a collaborator first, but she seems not collaborator, not friend either ;
Y-san ,,, I think ( and another my friend also guessing ) ,,,,, she worry about her future because she has divorce arbitration when she has taken contact me.
She said she looked for job in UK, then she found my blog ( not this one ).
I don’t write about job but she was interested in me.
And I just said to her my dream ( Project ), and she was very very interested in it.
I started this project but she won to her divorce arbitration ( meditation ? ) which without selling a house.
So she doesn’t matter about me ( ! ) and project anymore ( maybe ), not very important now.
Then if I asked her questions even consult, her reply was slow, and always funny conversation, because she is interested in ME, not project.
I did a little push about project, maybe she upset about it. Then ” You have nothing ( I’m busy )” comment.
Her chilrden comes first, I understand it. Just wanted to make time talk with me, but she still doesn’t make Skype account.
I don’t mind. We needed more communication before start. But I started it already, and I will !

Hot ?

My husband couldn’t sleep last week becayse he said : too hot !

The hot, humid weather across parts of Britain has made for uncomfortable
nights. ( I don’t think so, but ,,, anyway. )

Humidity is a big part of the problem, making it hard for sweat to evaporate.
( I like humid because my skin is very dry ! )

In places like the US, where powerful air conditioning units are reasonably
common in houses in hot and humid areas, it’s not so much of a concern.
But in places like the UK where it’s hot and humid less frequently how should
people ensure they get a good night’s sleep?

should see Horror Film !! I like hot (^^).

Japanese boy

An acquaintance was spoke to me yesterday.
She said she got a boyfriend.
And, she said it’s Japanese boy !! wow !

And she asked me about Japanese.

Why she ask her boyfriend !!!??
But I can understand her, so little bit teach he Japanese.

” I love you “(^^) in Japanese !!


About meditation

My husband and I went to meditation centre for learn about meditation on weekend.
I back home on Sunday evening, and my husband back to b&B ( he work at another city, stay in B&B from Monday )
And I got emaul from him because he worry about my Sunday dinner (^^).
I said : that’s OK, I could manege.
” Glad you get home OK and seems no waiting for buses. So train was on time and no delays.
Did you mange to have good dinner. I just thinking we not have that much in house so tricky for you as all shops are closed on Sunday.
I had a roast dinner last night but in some ways I did not feel that good eating meat – it was funny feeling.”
,,,,, no, supermarket is almost closed in UK or very short time to open.
This is bit surprised me when I came to UK but useed to now.