Yoshiko Otaka died

It was a 94-year-old on the 7th, Yoshiko Yamaguchi died at his home in Tokyo for heart failure.

Yoshiko Ōtaka (大鷹 淑子, Ōtaka Yoshiko, her real name ) (12 February 1920 – 7 September 2014), widely known by her Chinese name Li Xianglan (Li Hsiang-lan) and English stage name Shirley Yamaguchi, was a Chinese-born Japanese actress and singer who made a career in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.


Share the bathroom

Interesting little report had come out from England.
“For harmonious couple relationship, it is possible to share the bathroom”, that is inconvenient because it takes time for that thing to use together the bathroom.

Is it !?

Sumo Run again


Participants take part in The Sumo Run in Battersea Park, London July 27, 2014.


89 runners gathered in Battersea Park in inflatable Sumo Suits to run 5km for charity. Money was being raised for Link Community Development which focuses on improving the quality of education for children in sub-Saharan Africa.


Oigawatetsudo (Shizuoka Shimada) was published flies from July 12 to “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Runs until October 12.
The ride by appointment, I for one round trip a day between Shinkanaya Station ( Shimada ) and Senzu Station (Shizuoka Kawanehon-cho).


You should go Shizuoka !!

Legoland in Japan

For “Legoland”, British Merlin Entertainments Inc. management company, has announced it will opened in April-June 2017.

Many Japanese English couple or family go to Legoland in UK, but now,
it comes Japan as well !

A sailor man

In Japan, Wearing a sailor suit, white beard man with little metabotropic.
It is a figure that could be reported as a suspicious person, but it’s popular with young people especially in the metropolitan area.


Is pestered with “please pictures with me” If you walk the streets, it is acclaimed as “cute” and is rumored to be the “be happy if you meet”

Mako-sama coming

Imperial Household Agency announced Mako-sama, eldest daughter of Prince Akishino house (22) to be enrolled in English, University of Leicester at the end of September this year.

Period is not yet determined, it is living in the dormitory of the graduate school.

Wow, she is coming to UK !