Friend’d birthday

It was my friend’s birthday last month and I sent message to her.
She replyed to me :

I’m …..40+++ Yrs old lol, when the number grows, I feel even more eager to do more things I love to do and be.
I can still see my old days as living as a kid right at the old town of B.
A student in the local area and been followed by a few guys and girls who were after me at my prime youth aged.
A brave young untypical girl backpacked around Asia n end up in the west half of my life. Lol at least the marriage survive with 2 smart kids.
Now seeing more than 80 countries, I’m still passionate of being somewhere learning more art and express my works from different cultures probably Japan when Nathan is grown up n be able to survive by himself.
I promise my adulthood time will be even more crazier n my travelling mode will never end but not sure where I will be and end. I wish I have more years to survive n live comfy in my successful life so far. Lol
Thanks for all the kindness to me in the past n till today. I’m loving it too. Happy birthday to me n wish I success n have more time to live n be me me me in a way god want me to be.
So, she wants go to Japan and she is lovely !!


I got a news letter from United :

And told my husband about it.
He said :

As you say it not good when trying to get cheap seats. I think they just looking after their business customers.
BA are always doing that, and economy meals etc. are terrible, but in business it is soo much better.

So, I should be a BA Mileage members !?


My British husband is interested in pilgrimage of Shikoku.
We watched NHK-World and he seems interested in it.

Does he need Japanese ?
someone said :

” You do not need to speak and read Japanese fluently, but you should try to learn as much as you can before settting out alone on the pilgrimage.  Every little bit of Japanese helps.  English is not spoken by most of the people you will bump into on the pilgrimage, such as elderly ohenro, country and village folk, and temple priests. There are exceptions; good luck finding them.”

Is this true ?
Because I don’t know much about Ohenro-san.

About Kyoto

My husband said:

More than anything, Kyoto feels sacred, very calm is the atmosphere.

Of course I have been to Kyoto, but nothing remember.

Kyoto served as Japan’s capital and the emperor’s residence from 794 until 1868.
It is now the country’s seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million people and a modern face.

Well, if we back to Japan for longer, we could visit to Kyoto together !

Turkish language for Japanese

My husband and I went to Turkey for holiday, and I was interested in Turkish language.
It was like a ,,,, bit similer as Japanese ( ? ) and bit funny sound but very nice !

Turkish is spoken as a native language by over 77 million people worldwide making it the most commonly spoken of the Turkic languages.

Until 1928, Turkish was written with a version of the Perso-Arabic script known as the Ottoman Turkish script.
In 1928, as part of his efforts to modernise Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk issued a decree replacing the Arabic script with a version of the  Latin alphabet, which has been used ever since. Nowadays, only scholars and those who learnt to read before 1928 can read Turkish written in the Arabic script.

Muuuuu,,, but I need to learn in English fast ,,,, I know it !!

Turkish people’s English

My husband and I went to Turkey for holiday, but we went to yoga class asa well.
Yoga is my most importanthobby and it is my life.
Yoga studio is local and some Turkish could speak English, however ,,,,

Why they have to speak English ???
It’s Turkey !!

I don’t like English speaker keep speak their own language at another country.

Turkish Delight

My husband and I went to Turkey for holiday !
It was nice country, and Istanbul was yummy ( ! ) city as well.
We went to Grand Bazaar of course and eat ( ?? ) Turkish Delight a lot.

Normally, we don’t have sweets but we ate them , bought them and eating them now (^^).

I like this :
An old Turkish aphorism tells one to “eat sweetly and speak sweetly” !!

Yoga in hot country

My husband and I went to HOT ( I love it !! ) country and did some yoga.
A teacher trying to me done asana because he knows I can head stand.
It was ,,, another upside down pose ( asana ).

we soon got our yoga on… and teacher sneakily caught me in a shining upside down moment doing pinca mayurasana (forearm balance) over a beautifully crisp summer sea.

Oh, ,,,,, wonderful hot country !
What a womderful day !!
( I still making efoort to try I be like UK but ,,,,, it’s sooooo cold ! )