Do what you say.

I do what I say, or, I didn’t say but I do !
,,,,,, British husbands are all talk and no action ?

When I said to my Japanese friends about my husband, they don’t believed me, because many Japanese husband are no like that.
Japanese men do what they say.

BUT ! my husband don’t but he always saying : I will do this LATER, I’ll do that TOMORROW, or, I’ll do this THIS WEEKEND.
But he didn’t , never !
I think ( and some Japanese wives ) think it’s British coulture ? They don’t think that we think he do it what he say ?
It’s very mystery for us.

Boxing Day

Every year, every year I asking this question to UK people but no-one answerd !

Why is it Called Boxing Day :

Arguments abound on the origins of the name Boxing Day.
•A ‘Christmas Box’ in Britain is a name for a Christmas present.
•Boxing Day was a day off for servants and when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master. The servants would also go home to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.

I keep asking about it.
I will ask this next year as well !!

UK Passport

One day, I got email from husband when I relaxing ( ! ) at home (^^).
It was :

” Just heard from son and he wants to know some details on my passport so that he can get a new one. I not sure on this. But he wants to know my passport number and date of issue. ”

So, I did write email to husband to tell him about his passport because I have his passport. He still working at office.
Then, I wondering,,, why he or they need parent(s) passport details ??
I asked him but even he doesn’t know !?
It’s very strange for me.
In Japan, we don’t need to parent(s) passport details even get passport to first time.


There is a “national character” is in breast cancer, we have found little by little. AERA said.
( I don’t know about AERA anyway (^^) ).

The Westerners and Japanese, the distribution of the age of onset of breast cancer is a difference at all, Westerners often hormone-positive breast cancer type that develops in postmenopausal.
Peak age of onset of Westerners is late 60s.
45 years is 30% to 40% of breast cancer overall, 45 years of age have reached nearly 50% of the Japanese.

So, that’s why we can’t breast cancer screening in the NSH before 50 y/o !!
I’d like to check my breast but they didn’t, because I am still YOUNG !!


When I came to UK and marriage with my husband, I was surprised because he only eat cereal or toast for breakfast every day.
It’s good, he eating that for looooooong time since he was born.
The problem was ,,,,, my breakfast.
I wanted to eat salad or some soup ( but not Miso- soup ), he wanted to eat same as his one. Because he thinking ” couple  should be always same food “.
My breakfast was salad and bread, it’s a regular morning staple for me.
( Many Japanese eating to rice, miso soup, egg, and fish for brakfast. )

I actually often have a salad for brakfast, whether it fruit salad or a tomato, leaf based or even only lettuce. I love eat to colorful food. Not only toast and marmalade.

And my husband saying ” we do not eat salad for breakfast in Europe. ” ,,, yes, I know that.
BUT ! I’m Japanese ! I meant, I am a not Europian.
Then I sometimes eating salad.

But wait !
What about English-Full-breakfast !!
Muuu,,,  they do not eat salad after all !! It’s a Mystery.

A English man lost his job.

A English man helped the shark from people on the Beach.

He managed to jump out of the way as the shark writhed and splashed in the water. He has been hailed a hero for wrestling a shark that was swimming towards children on a beach in Queensland, Australia.

The dramatic scene at the beach on the Sunshine Coast was caught on video by an Australian TV news team filming nearby.

BUT !! After that, go back to his home in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, along with his wife working in the same organization, notice of dismissal was sent addressed to two people.
Actually, both of them were taking sick leave from April last year because of the mental stress. Wooow !
However, I think. it is also funny, woooow ( ! ) things to put money in the UK to mental stress people. Banzai, UK !!

English pub

I went to Lake District which is National Park,  mountainous region in North West England with our family.

We went to 4 different pub for dinner every night. I like English pub and wanted to chat with other people but I had no time ( of course I went to there with family so I should talk with family insted of other people. ).
In Japan, if we go to Izakaya, we will drink order first so it is same as England. Then they serve some drink for us with Otsumami ( おつまみ ).
But they ( English people ) don’t need any Otsumami ??

Otsumami is generally vegetable or snacks maybe fried vegetables and salads when you need something to cut through all that alcohol. Few Izakaya take their finger food, and if you’ve dropped by for a drink then there’s the yasaiyaki (grilled vegetables) which customers select from a basket of fresh vegetables brought right to your table.

Pub is nothing to serve and I understand this. I don’t mind about this but I needed to eat something that time because we didn’t have any lunch.
( It was holiday so we had full-English-Breakfast quite late time slowly, then skip lunch. )

But, I didn’t want to they ( my family ) think : ” Oh, Japanese are very selfish or rude. ”
So I just followed English style.

We, Japanese need some Otsumami with beer or wine ( honestly ). Fuuuu,,,.

English Breakfast for Japanese

I went to Lake District which is National Park,  mountainous region in North West England with our family.
( The Lake District extends 50km from north to south and 40km from east to west. )

And ,,, we had a full English breakfast at 4 Star hotel accommodation every morning !
It was buffet. I went to hot food corner first then took some toast and mushrooms. Actually, I am vegetarian so I can’t full English breakfast, but I enjoy them even just for see.

Then, my family back from cereals corner with juice & cereals.
We eat them and still sit down at table for a while ,,,,, I thought : ” It’s finished ?? This is English breakfast but our family eat only cereals ?? ”
However, they go to hot food corner for take full Englisg breakfast ! They had sausage, bacon, eggs, Black pudding (!), mushrooms, hash Browns and toast with marmalade.

I didn’t know that cereal first, then big meal. If so, can they eat them every day ??
I always worry about husband’s appetite because he doesn’t eat so much.
When our family gather like this holiday, I am always big eater than other family.

Japanese are big eater !!?? or just me ??

UK wages

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said : The system had gone “truly awry” and a “culture of entitlement” had to be addressed to boost the economy.

Mr Cameron said it was time to ask “whether this is the right approach”, adding: “It might be better to link benefits to prices unless wages have slowed, in which case they could be linked to wages.”

In a major speech, the Prime Minister is to suggest stripping housing benefit from the under-25s and forcing them to live with their parents.

My husband’s son is 25 y/o just last May but he worried about his son ; however I don’t like Mr. Caxxxxn. He is atrange man.
I heard : The salaries of many top civil servants are often compared to David Cameron’s, but it turns out that the British Prime Minister is quite underpaid, when compared with other world leaders.

So,,,, it’s jaundiced spirit ??
I have no money ;;; Mr. Caxxxxn.