I got a contact from friend who had come to the the UK, has been acquired successfully permanent residence visa .
It was good news !
I was worried about her.

It is safe because excuses not have to worry about a visa at this anymore .
Also money , , , application charges for so much money, I hate it ! !

Well , It is such a United Kingdom , but it is still job shortage .

It ‘s sweet saying to get a job in the United Kingdom , or have something special to whiff etc. …. It must be bad if you do not entrepreneurial .

It is a money, it’s the point .
UK don’t want to put out the money because it is financial difficulties .
I do wish I pay taxes and work , but not place to work that .
British people even so because it is desperate every day .

And yet you are still accepting immigrants , you are out the money to the immigration . Therefore, I put the money to immigrants from non-EU countries people.
It’s where you want to say … I have expected, but it is not feel the unfairness .

In the United Kingdom , I think you should come into JUST for tourist.

Check UKBA site !

On 11 June 2012 the Government announced changes to the Immigration Rules for non-European Economic Area (non-EEA) nationals applying to enter or remain in the UK on the family migration route.

” from October 2013, requiring all applicants for settlement to pass the Life in the UK Test and present an English language speaking and listening qualification at B1 level “?????

I think I don’t have to take test again, but ,,,, this is hard for some people. B1 level ;;…

It’s enough !!!


Tomoyasu Hotei, a Japanese musician, he decided to emigrate to UK this summer.

He said :

It is the dream to get into “the world”. In summer 2012, I am going to relocate to the United Kingdom.

“Dreamin’ “ was one of the songs I’ve performed at my 30th anniversary tour. It was originally written when I was in my early 20s’, to encourage the emotion, “to be one’s self, keep chasing the dream with pride”. Every time I refrained with the audience, “OH yeh I’m only Dreamin’  I’m only Dreamin’ for me”, I was asking myself “have I been chasing the dream lately?”. Also when I shouted at the end of the chorus, “I’m only Dreamin’ for you!”, I have realized that I’m standing in front of the audience to appeal “dreaming with pride is so precious”. It has been kept in my heart as a promise.



Well, I don’t know waht visa, and how can he get visa ?? but many people cooperative for him, concerned with this news and money.

I heard another news today that Hiroshi Neko who acquired Cambodian citizenship in order to appear in the London Olympics but IAAF ( International Association of Athletics Federations ) rejected his participate of London Olympics. It makes him very very sad ;.

But, It also Life is challenge !!  頑張れ ,Neko !


Home Secretary Theresa May has said the UK Border Agency will be split in two following revelations that hundreds of thousands of people were let into the country without appropriate checks.

She said it needed a new management culture and to become a “disciplined law enforcement organisation,” led by a director general reporting directly to ministers. Brian Moore, chief constable of Wiltshire, is to be its interim head.

The UKBA (UK  Border Agency) is to be split in two after an official inquiry report found that poor communication, poor oversight and confusion among ministers and senior officials lay at the heart of last summer’s border checks fiasco.