Friend’s dream

My friend sent me email :

” My favourite exhibition that I love not to be missed each year. Had a good laughs of some of them as they are “taking the mick ” paintings especially the 2 nd one in the mail. Empty frame surrounded by red dots. (The red dots r the indication of the publics interests which in fact there is no painting in it, just a blank picture, this simple satire idea that challenge the judges who selects these paintings from around the country to show at Royal academy of arts, which is not easy to be selected as it’s because it’s one of the main exhibition in the country I supposed. I love it.

I think when I 1st saw this one, I laugh at it straight away and said that’s a real taking a mick how can it get in. Anyway when I tried to put the words down I think it’s very genius by the artist that deserves to be as it won the publics laughs. Summer exhibition is nothing but crazy varieties ideas for me. I love it and one day it’s my turn. Lol!!! ”

” second one ”

I hope her dream come true.


We went to Turkey last month. We didn’t buy any Kilim but got a brochure.

It says :
Kilim is body language.
How do you calculate the time t , needed to consume one glass of tea, provided the diameter d=4 cm, the height h=8 cm and a parabolic form where f (x)=x2 ?

Not a maths person? ( no !!! )
Then set your timer and just drink it.
If you think you lack the knowledge to tell the guality and authenticity of the kilim you are looking at, then most probably it has neither of it.
An ” ordinary ” non-commercial, old kilim made of pure hand spun wool, with colors choosen by the weaver, will talk for it self in a very short time.
Though one may enjoy a lifetime to study it.

Muuuuuu,,,,, deep.

About Yoga

My yoga companion asked me about yoga pose. She want to make pose but it’s bit danger for her because she is still beginner.

Yoga is body, mind and spirit. Poses are not only intended to increase flexibility.
So, if you can’t this pose,

It doesn’t matter !
Have fun !! it’s Yoga !

Tired Konkatsu

Many Japanese people working hard for Konkatsu ( 婚活 or Omiai ), but the action for marriage, can not meet very good people, fall into “tired action for marriage” so-called physical strength of willpower also shows a slight fall … recently in Japan.

The biggest factor ” tired Konkatsu ” is prolonged.

Care must be taken because he / she possibility that it will not be calm judgment when would continue to action for marriage in the state that they tired, get stuck in the bad guy ( or lady ? ) also big problem ( ! ).

It’s tired to action for marriage is possible that way did not match because of the high, that you first find the best in yourself, the way of action for marriage you do not fatigue is important.

Marilyn Monroe ?

Many UK people got tattoo I know.
Tattoo reminds the yakuza in Japan but many people has ” Tattoo ” not ” Irezumi “.

Well, 16-year-old girl in the UK was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe.
And she think that impressed with the work of carvers you find on the Internet, she’d like to have surgery at all costs, I had put a tattoo of desire to take the contact, but ….
What is finished is far from Monroe, it is not seen only the ugly graffiti. Poor …… really.


What a poor !!

Korean father’s pressure

In South Korea, known by education is high temperature, very popular to the English study case in early high school or less, mother and child comes into overseas, leaving his / her father in many cases.

However, the father remaining in the country alone, there is the impact of the economic downturn in recent years, pressure has been heavy.

Earlier this month, a father was briquettes suicide in an apartment in Incheon men ( 53 )living alone had been sent out to the wife and children in the United States.

Parents want to their children to study even to the economically impossible in many cases. This is because in Korea, known for “Education Society”, in addition to the well-educated, and there is no English skills, it is difficult to work for blue-chip companies.

Well, I’M not sure ,,, but WHY FATHER !!??
They can’t make money by themselves !!?? after graduation ?

,,,,, my som did it !! he is Japanese but he did it !

Contestants all cosmetic surgery ?

Beautiful high-level that gather among the beauty contest that there is a number “Miss Korea”.
Candidates of the Miss Korea 2013, made ​​headlines around the world and looks to face all the same no matter how you look at it.

To the image processing suspicion not only shaping also raised suspicion, the tournament was decided to be attracting attention from around the world, the Grand Prix is likely decided at last.
It’s looked the same face all but I wonder who won the Grand Prix there who flourished really …?


This is about Miss Koean, not Japanese !