Friend’d birthday

It was my friend’s birthday last month and I sent message to her.
She replyed to me :

I’m …..40+++ Yrs old lol, when the number grows, I feel even more eager to do more things I love to do and be.
I can still see my old days as living as a kid right at the old town of B.
A student in the local area and been followed by a few guys and girls who were after me at my prime youth aged.
A brave young untypical girl backpacked around Asia n end up in the west half of my life. Lol at least the marriage survive with 2 smart kids.
Now seeing more than 80 countries, I’m still passionate of being somewhere learning more art and express my works from different cultures probably Japan when Nathan is grown up n be able to survive by himself.
I promise my adulthood time will be even more crazier n my travelling mode will never end but not sure where I will be and end. I wish I have more years to survive n live comfy in my successful life so far. Lol
Thanks for all the kindness to me in the past n till today. I’m loving it too. Happy birthday to me n wish I success n have more time to live n be me me me in a way god want me to be.
So, she wants go to Japan and she is lovely !!
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